Visual artist Donna Maree Robinson and CQ-RASN’s Trudie Leigo at the digital animation workshop in Kingaroy at the weekend

August 5, 2019

If you’re wondering what was happening at the Kingaroy peanut silos on Sunday night, the light show was all in the name of art …

The results of a two-day digital arts workshop held in Kingaroy were projected on to the western wall of the silos from about 6:00pm.

Thirteen students from across the Central Queensland arts region gathered at the South Burnett Enterprise Centre at the weekend to learn more about digital stop-go animation under the guidance of Mackay visual artist Donna Maree Robinson.

Their results – a series of short clips – were combined and projected on to the silos, with the assistance of Bega (PCA).

About 100 people gathered in Haly Street at the foot of the silos to watch the display.

The workshop was organised by the Central Queensland Regional Arts Services Network (CQ-RASN) in conjunction with the South Burnett Regional Council and South Burnett Arts Inc.

Last year the State Government sliced Queensland into different regions to deliver on-the-ground arts services.

A lead organisation was appointed in each region to work with local councils.

The South Burnett and Cherbourg council areas were included in the Central Queensland region with Central Queensland University chosen as the local service provider.

The digital animation workshop held was the first major project co-ordinated by CQ-RASN in the South Burnett under the new arrangements.

South Burnett Arts chairperson Jane Iszlaub said she was excited by the project and hoped it would lead to many more projections on to the peanut silos.

Council’s arts portfolio holder Cr Danita Potter was also very enthusiastic about the results of the workshop.

[Disclosure: Anne Miller is secretary of South Burnett Arts Inc]

A small portion of the crowd watching the display in front of the peanut silos on Sunday night
South Burnett Arts Inc president Jane Iszlaub, left, and committee member Shirley Way, right, watch the display with Grace Wells, from Kingaroy
Some of the audience brought along blankets to put on the ground … Joe and Raylee Kosh, from Kingaroy, made sure they had a comfortable vantage point
Workshop tutor Donna Maree Robinson and Cr Danita Potter watch the display on the silos

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Videos by Torkit Business Solutions:


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One Response to "Arts Workshop Lights Up Silos"

  1. Julie Thomson  August 5, 2019

    As a tourism operator in the South Burnett, I am very excited for the possibilities this could mean for our region. When I first heard Danita Potter speak about this idea a year or so ago, I was very interested to see if this could be achieved and if it would come to fruition. Well done to all who have made it happen, and Danita for your enthusiasm and foresight for the project.

    Thank you to PCA and Bega for your contribution, “The Canvas”, and your enthusiasm for the project. I certainly hope this can be developed further.

    I see this as a major tourism drawcard for Kingaroy and the South Burnett. Other silos throughout the country have been painted, but to my knowledge, none have been lit up with lights or projections. This is the perfect answer as the Peanut Silos are Heritage listed and cannot be painted, and it is something different!

    Lights are best seen at night, so what better way to encourage people to Visit the South Burnett and stay overnight. We all know the South Burnett is reachable for people from the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, Toowoomba, Gympie, Hervey Bay, Maryborough, Gayndah, Mundubbera and west to Chinchilla, Dalby and all places in between by making a day trip.

    But this gives tourists a reason to stay overnight and explore the rest of what this beautiful region has to offer, not to mention the travellers from further afield. They will spend money in Kingaroy and surrounding towns while travelling and staying here, it would give the South Burnett the much-needed economic boost it badly needs.


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