Brad Maloney with a cracking Yellowbelly caught at Pelican Point at Lake Boondooma

July 31, 2019

by Matthew Langford

The fishing has changed considerably in the South Burnett region since the start of winter.

With a little bit of patience and some searching, you can find some cracking catches of our native fish. No matter what type of angler you are, there’s always some great options when targeting fish in Boondooma and BP dams.

* * *

Lake Boondooma

The fish have been sitting considerably deep in Lake Boondooma during the past few months.

Generally at this time of year, you’ll see the fish up along the rocky edges or feeding up shallow in among the weed. This season it’s totally different. The fish have been up a little shallower in the morning in 20ft but as the day warms, they seem to be moving out into the 30 to 60ft range.

The reason for the fish sitting so deep is the bait. The Bass are feeding on very small shrimp, redclaw and huge amounts of Bony Bream. Most of these are moving along the bottom out in the deeper zones of the dam.

Areas to target are the Boyne River up in the timber and Pelican Point, early in the morning when it’s cold. Small ¼ blades and ice jigs seem to be the best way to catch a few Yellowbelly and Bass in 18 to 25 ft. Fish these lures vertically with small sharp hops off the bottom among the timber pockets.

The afternoon has been the pick of the time to be on the water as the fish are responding well to the warmer afternoons. Once the water is above 16 degrees, the deeper sections along the Barber’s Pole area have been fishing very well in 30 to 60ft. Fishing water this deep is still quite easy using ½ ounce blades, 20 gram spoons, tail spinners and ½ ounce rigged plastics fished along the bottom.

Michael Close with a great Yellowbelly caught on a recent charter at Lake Boondooma

Bait fisherman have been getting good catches of Yellowbelly in the Boyne arm, fishing close to trees and the Boyne rocks.

Most have been using saltwater yabbies, shrimps and worms. It’s a good idea to use smaller sinkers as the bite is hard to detect if you’re using huge ball sinkers.

Simply tie up to a tree, drop your bait to the bottom and slowly move the bait up and down. It won’t be long until you get a bite.

Trollers have been getting a few Yellowbelly but they have to work hard for them. Make sure you take a tackle retriever with you as you’re bound to get a snag or two while trolling.

Redclaw are still coming in, but you’ll have to work for them around the shallow rocky edges. Soft fruits and vegetables have been the best bait during the winter months.

* * *

Lake Barambah

Typically, in winter BP Dam fish move in closer to the edge and can be caught using a few methods.

Lately, the best edge fishing methods have been Eco gear ZX blades, skirted jigs and jerk baits, cast up shallow. Slower-moving baits, like the ones suggested, are dynamite in winter. The key is small hops off the bottom near the edge with the ZX blades and long pauses near the edge with the jerk baits.

The deeper flats have also been producing some fish, Bass or Yellowbelly. Jigging blades have been the best method.

Most anglers have been sounding fish in about 20ft and sitting on top of them. Eco gear ZX blades have been the real standout as they have two small stinger hooks attached.

Drop them down to the bottom and hop them with small sharp hops. A fish only needs to touch them and the stinger hooks will grab them very quickly.

Bass are keen on Bony Bream so don’t be afraid to try bigger lures if your small offerings don’t work

The best spots have been the big flat out from the main dam wall.

It’s valuable to remember that most fish in the dam are gorging themselves on Bony Bream so it’s a great idea to throw anything that looks like a small bait fish.

Look for steeper banks that hold some timber or rocks as this is a likely place that fish will be looking for bait up shallow.

Out deeper, try to find flats that are close to significant drop offs or the main submerged creek line.

Bait fisherman have been getting a ton of nice fish from BP Dam. Most have been fishing along the edge using yabbies, worms and shrimps.

Trollers are catching the odd fish around the main lake points; small deep-diving hard bodies are the best.

Redclaw have gone very quiet and should start popping back up as the water gets warmer.

* * *

Fishing Charters

Don’t forget that you can book a fishing charter with me on BP and Boondooma dams.

If you’d like a great day out and all the info and knowledge to catch Bass or Yellowbelly in our two great dams, make sure you give me a call on 0408-658-592 and I’ll be happy to take you out for a great days fishing.

Until next month, tight lines and bent rods!

[Photos: Matthew Langford]

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