Cr Kathy Duff (Photo: SBRC)

October 10, 2018

South Burnett Deputy Mayor Kathy Duff had her portfolio responsibilities tweaked at Wednesday’s council meeting.

Councillors voted to add “Rural Services” to her portfolio responsibilities of Natural Resource Management, Parks and Indigenous Affairs.

“These changes are in part a reflection of the intent to have a closer relationship with rural activities,” Mayor Campbell told the meeting.

Cr Duff said she was very pleased to have “Rural Services” included in her portfolio.

“It was brought to our attention at the Durong (ratepayers’) meeting and some other listening tours that the rural people felt they weren’t getting enough voice across the Council table,” she said.

“Being a rural councillor and living way out in the far north-west boundary of the region, I think that I can probably advocate well for the rural people, particularly  things like the Vegetation Management Act, the tick line …

“In things like that, Council could play a more active role and so I am very honoured to have that included in my portfolio.”

Mayor Keith Campbell’s portfolio was also renamed from “Economic Development, Governance and Communication” to “Economic Development and Corporate Performance”.

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