Motel accommodation in Kingaroy will be in short supply this Saturday, with most of the town’s 230 motel units booked … but Friday and Sunday bookings are close to normal (Photo: Kingaroy Country Motel)

August 22, 2018

Visitors coming to Kingaroy for BaconFest may need to book a room in Nanango or Wondai on Saturday night if they don’t act quickly.

But they should have little difficulty securing a motel room in Kingaroy on Friday or Sunday night if they intend to stay more than a day.

A ring around of the bulk of Kingaroy’s accommodation operators on Wednesday disclosed only two motels have vacancies for Saturday night (Kingaroy Hotel-Motel and the Holliday Motel).

However, nearly all motel operators are still able to accept bookings for Friday and Sunday.

The situation is almost as congested with cabin accommodation providers.

Kingaroy Holiday Park’s cabins are fully booked for the entire weekend, but Peppertree Cabins have vacancies on Friday and Sunday.

People looking for a bed-and-breakfast experience will have little luck this weekend either, with Bethany Cottages, Crane Wines, Deshon Retreat and Mulanah Gardens booked out for all three days.

And while there may be vacancies at some hotels, Kingaroy’s Commercial Hotel said their eight rooms were permanently booked out by workers.

Accommodation operators told the source of their bookings varied.

One motel said they were fully booked out by pork producers attending a Swickers conference being held in Kingaroy this weekend.

Another said many of their rooms were booked by former Kingaroy residents who were coming to visit friends or relatives.

Others attributed their Saturday bookings to a combination of BaconFest and routine bookings for this time of year.

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