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Cr Says Roads ‘Improved Out Of Sight’

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Roads Portfolio chair Cr Gavin Jones (Photo: SBRC)

June 13, 2018

South Burnett roads are getting better, Roads Portfolio chairman Cr Gavin Jones told Wednesday’s South Burnett Regional Council meeting.

“Roads have improved out of sight since I’ve been a councillor,” Cr Jones said.

“And I’m not saying it because it’s in my area, I’m saying it because it’s true.”

Cr Jones said construction crews would be working on four projects during May and June while maintenance crews carried out grading and resheeting on a dozen others.

Construction crews would be working on:

  • A concrete footpath on Haly Street, Kingaroy, between Willowglen Street and Tessmann’s Road,
  • Widening and overlaying the final 500m of a 1.2km section of Wattle Camp Road at Wattle Camp,
  • Continuing realignment of a section of Memerambi-Barkers Creek Road, and
  • Carrying out floodway repairs on Manar Road.

Meehan’s and Cooleys roads at Memerambi, and Spencers Road at Corndale, will receive maintenance grades by the end of June, Cr Jones said.

And resheeting will be carried out on Glencoe, Coverty and TH Burns roads at Coverty; Childs Road at Corndale; Haydens Road at Booie; Broadman Road at Hodgleigh; Muller Street at Coolabunia; and Ridley Street, Nanango.

Work crews will do some shoulder resheeting on part of the Brooklands-Pimpimbudgee Road as well.

Council workers are also working on the $1.87 million Rogers Road roundabout in Kingaroy, which has been contracted to the Council by the State Government.

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3 Responses to Cr Says Roads ‘Improved Out Of Sight’

  1. Richard Baillie

    It is obvious Cr Jones doesn’t drive around Kingaroy. He should go for a drive up Harris Rd and then make stupid comments that roads have improved out of sight. There are a lot people use that road and we aren’t getting too much for the road levy we are forced to pay each year.

  2. RogerC

    Of course the roads have improved! Perhaps “out of sight” not being the appropriate or accurate description. With the lack of natural disasters lately and short of council doing nothing, the roads are bound to be improved with time and effort if being only a little at a time. It was interesting, though, to see council grade Obels Road in Wooroolin the day after some of the movie folk passed comments to certain councillors re the road’s condition when under normal circumstances this road is only graded every 10-15 years in previous times. I am saddened that its not important enough to do it for the ratepayers but it obviously is a priority when some big shots point out the poor road conditions.

  3. I appreciate covering my portfolio report. The Roads and Drainage portfolio is definitely an area of Council that I am committed to improving for our community. To clarify my statement in the Council meeting this week, the work the crews are doing on the roads has improved out of sight. In this term of Council, we are now supporting them with the funding and resources they need to get the job done.

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