Terrain Solar director
Simon Ingram

June 8, 2018

If a Kingaroy solar farm goes ahead, it doesn’t mean the land would be quarantined from future agricultural uses, according to Terrain Solar director Simon Ingram.

Mr Ingram told southburnett.com.au on Friday it was the company’s intention the land could also be used for grazing, especially sheep.

He said high fencing around solar farms created a very safe environment for lambing.

Mr Ingram said Terrain Solar was already working on a grazing management plan for the Kingaroy project with a landholder who was a fourth generation grazier.

“We are certainly not displacing primary production from the area,” he said.

Mr Ingram would not be drawn on the future ownership of the project – the company’s Warwick Solar Farm has been sold to the University of Queensland – but said Terrain Solar’s aim was to always make sure it attracted “really good investors” into a region.

He said Warwick would benefit greatly from the UQ investment in the solar farm, which would also include research activities by the university.

“It shows the type of investors who are attracted to our projects,” he said.

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