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Mayor Provides More Detail About Cuts

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The South Burnett Regional Council wants to cut support for community groups over two years to find extra money for road maintenance (Photo: LGAQ)

April 17, 2018

Further details about how proposed cuts to the South Burnett Regional Council’s community support program will affect community groups were released by Mayor Keith Campbell on Tuesday.

On Monday, the Mayor announced Council was considering a plan to recoup some of the concessions it gives community groups in an effort to find more money for road maintenance.

On Tuesday, the Mayor provided details about how the plan would work if it is adopted.

Under the plan, some groups would be paying up to 25 per cent of their water, sewerage and garbage collection charges within two years.

However, other groups would face a 50 per cent rise.

The Council would phase in the change over two years, beginning with the 2018-19 Budget which is due to be handed down in June.

In the first year, many smaller community groups would be charged 12.5 per cent of their water, sewerage and garbage collection charges.

This will would rise to 25 per cent the following year.

But larger groups would face a 25 per cent charge in the first year, which would rise to 50 per cent in 2019-20.

The plan is expected to have the most impact on sporting groups and agricultural societies who need to water their grounds regularly.

Most groups will not know what financial impact they’re likely to suffer, until they receive a letter from the Council outlining how they will be affected.

The plan aims to raise $117,285 per annum at the end of the two-year phase-in period.

If adopted, this would represent a 36 per cent reduction on the $323,400 the Council currently gives community groups in concessional rates and charges.

The Mayor said he wanted to stress that community groups would still receive remissions on their General Rate, Environmental Levy, Waste Management Levy, Community Rescue Levy, Road Levy and State Fire Levy.

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  1. Wendy Tully

    The volunteers save more money for the council than what the council is proposing. Think more deeply about this issue you councillors.

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