February 27, 2017

by Debbie Ovens

Results from South Burnett Futsal games played in Kingaroy on February 23:

  • Beast Unicorns 5 def. Detonators 1
  • Thunder 10 goals def. Super Heroes 7. Thunder’s Jackson Radcliffe scored eight goals.
  • Tornadoes 11 def. Flower Power 4. Tornadoes’ Ethan Gates scored seven goals.
  • Fire Breathing RD’s 16 def. Spartans 3. Fire Breathing RD’s Kaden Webb scored seven goals.
  • YTB 8 def. Mary’s Fairies 2. YTB’s Dale Lenkeit scored four goals for his team.
  • Suicide Squad 8 def. Scorpions 4. Suicide Squad’s Sam Graley scored four goals.

 * * *

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