Tony O'Donohue, Booubyjan, and Daniel Hoogstraten, from Alice Springs, were having fun at Ironpot

February 19, 2016

The annual Reef’n’Beef  extravaganza at Ironpot has again been a sellout with tickets being snapped up by eager diners.

This is the sixth year in a row that the popular event, held in the tiny Ironpot Hall, has sold its maximum of 300 tickets.

Reef’n’Beef began inside the Ironpot Hall in 2009 but quickly outgrew that venue.

Large marquees now line the side of the road in front of the hall and coaches fill the carpark.

Diners queue for their meals but don’t seem to mind as there’s always plenty to enjoy, served up by a team of volunteers.

As well as providing an opportunity for South Burnett residents and visitors to scoff down seafood of all kinds – plus plenty of steaks – Reef’n’Beef raises funds for charity.

The event is organised by Team Ironpot, which has been distributing the profits to different local charities every year.

In 2013, Team Ironpot was named the Community Organisation Of The Year at the annual South Burnett Australia Day Awards for their work for the local community.

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