February 10, 2016

A 25-year-old woman who refused to say who was driving her car when it twice failed to stop for police was sentenced to 50 days jail when she appeared by videolink in Kingaroy Magistrates Court on Monday afternoon.

Brandy Leigh Lefel pleaded guilty to two counts of failing to stop plus unlicensed driving (demerit point suspended), driving with false plates, possessing tainted property, operating a vehicle to which a number plate confiscation notice is attached, and removing a number plate confiscation notice

The offences happened in the Ipswich area in August last year.

Police Prosecutor Sgt Wayne Bushell said police had attempted to stop a small black Holden sedan. However it took off and overtook a vehicle on the crest of a hill, narrowly avoiding a head-on collision.

Later on the same day, police followed a white Toyota Camry, also belonging to Lefel. When they attempted to stop it, it went through a red light, causing other traffic “to screech to a halt”.

Defence solicitor Chris Campbell said Lefel had four children, including a four-month-old who was currently in Canberra Hospital awaiting a bowel transplant.

Lefel sat crying, wiping her nose and with her fingers crossed as the magistrate considered her sentence.

Magistrate Barry Barrett told Lefel she had not been forthcoming to police by refusing to make disclosures in relation to the evasion charges.

“So the court acts in the lawful authority that you are the person liable for the evade charges,” Mr Barrett said.

He said it was a serious offence, and the penalties reflected that.

On the two fail to stop charges, Mr Barrett sentenced Lefel to 50 days’ jail, to be served concurrently/ and sentenced her to two years disqualification from driving on each count, which were cumulative.

For unlicensed driving, Lefel was disqualified for a further six months.

On the other charges, he imposed no further penalty.

Lefel had been held in custody since January 16 so she is due for release on March 4.

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