Maidenwell sisters Justine and Becky Miller had fun at a Bush Dance in Maidenwell last August;
Becky was named 2016’s South Burnett Young Citizen Of The Year on Monday night

January 26, 2016

Seventeen year old Becky Miller was named Young Citizen Of The Year at Monday night’s 2016 South Burnett Australia Day Awards ceremony.

Becky has represented the region – and often won – at local, state, national and international Taekwon-do tournaments. She has also been volunteering her time as a qualified assistant instructor for five years, instructing Taekwon-do classes at Nanango, Maidenwell and Kingaroy.

She also teaches tap classes, and has taught and choreographed dances for school students in Nanango and Tanduringie. She has completed all the RAD classical ballet exams, and has now completed a Certificate III in Dance Performance.

She has also been selected to represent the Nanango Netball Club at local, regional and state events for several years, and has been coaching junior netball teams for three years. She also umpires on a weekly basis for Nanango and Kingaroy fixture games, as well as being an active fundraiser for her club.

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Mayor Wayne Kratzmann with Young Citizen Of The Year award nominees James Webb, Jasmine Kidman and Daniel Favier

Other nominees for the 2016 South Burnett Young Citizen Of The Year award were:

  • James Webb

    James Webb is a Nanango musician with qualifications in piano, saxophone and voice. He records original songs and performs at Nanango community events such as Australia Day and Community Carols. He is also a member of the Nanango Race Club’s committee, helping organise the club’s race days and the working bees that precede them. He is also a third year apprentice baker, and won the 2015 Baking Industry Awards Second Year Apprentice award.

  • Jasmine Kidman

    Jasmine Kidman was Nanango State High School Captain in 2015, and received the 2015 Prix D’Honneur Award in recognition of her leadership qualities and contributions to a wide range of school activities. As an all-round sportswoman, she also received the Pierre De Coubertin Award in recognition of her excellence in multiple sports.

    She is also a gifted public speaker and is a regular competitor in the Lions Youth of the Year competition, where she has received the Academic Excellence Award five years in a row. Jasmine has also represented her school, the South Burnett and Wide Bay in netball for the last three years, captaining the school’s Vicki Wilson netball team, and has been awarded Netballer of the Year and Open Volleyball Most Valuable Player.

    Jasmine is also very active in helping her local community in Maidenwell, and is involved in Tanduringie State School fundraising activities and events, as well as assisting at QCWA and Anzac Day events in her area.

  • Daniel Favier

    Daniel has just concluded his senior schooling and was one of Kingaroy State High School’s School Captains in 2015, where his leadership qualities and character were frequently remarked on. He was awarded the Keith Middleton Memorial Bursary for Leadership and Public Speaking at the high school’s 2015 Speech night.

    He has also played a role in many of the high school’s big events such as the annual Flair Concert, Investiture Ceremony and Anzac Day ceremony, and is a representative player in the Wide Bay U18 Schools Touch Team.

  • Georgia Toohey

  • Georgia Toohey was also a Kingaroy State High School Captain in 2015, and received the South Burnett Regional Council Leadership Bursary at the 2015 Speech Night in recognition of her public speaking and leadership skills, as well as her extensive contributions to the school.

    Georgia has also excelled academically and as a sportswoman. representing the school and Wide Bay region in cross country and netball. She is a player and umpire for the Kingaroy Touch Association and Netball Club, and she received the 2015 Pierre De Coubertin Award for outstanding sportsmanship and performance.

    Her community service includes helping with community events such as the Mayor’s Community Dinner, the Blue Care Door Knock Appeal, Relay for Life’s Captains Dinner and the 40 Hour Famine.

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