Storms are predicted for most parts of Queensland on Friday afternoon and over this weekend

January 22, 2016

The Queensland Fire and Emergency Services is urging Queenslanders right across the State to prepare for thunderstorms later today (Friday) and during the weekend.

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast severe thunderstorms for the majority of Queensland.

There is the possibility of damaging winds as well as heavy rainfall which may lead to localised flash flooding and QFES is asking residents to ensure their property is well prepared.

Residents should ensure their gutters are clear and that they have no branches overhanging their house.

In the hours before the storm approaches, residents are advised to bring loose outdoor items indoors and secure items which can’t be moved, such as swing sets and trampolines. They should also move cars undercover and away from trees and seek shelter indoors, never under trees.

After the storm hits, the community should be alert for debris around their house as well as fallen trees and powerlines.

Residents who cannot clean up their own property and require storm and flood emergency assistance should contact the State Emergency Service (SES) on 13-25-00. In a life-threatening emergency dial Triple Zero (000).

SES volunteers respond to hundreds of requests during peak storm activity and ask that those requiring assistance be patient.

Most SES tasks are not quick jobs, and often extensive work and time is required to attend to storm damage.

The public is asked to remember that the SES is made up of volunteers dedicated to helping others and will always put the safety of its volunteers first during adverse weather conditions.

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