August 31, 2015

Junior boxing returned to the Kingaroy RSL Club on Saturday after a two-year break.

South Burnett boxers took on hard-hitters from Rockhampton, Stanthorpe, Brisbane, Redlands and Toowoomba.


  • Tyson Hennessy (Kingaroy) d. Josh Millar (Stanthorpe)
  • Lachlan Wittmann (Kingaroy) d. Sonny Tye (Kingaroy)
  • Sean Raines (Brisbane) d. Andrew O’Toole (Kingaroy)
  • Aaron Douth (Redlands) d. Mark Owens (Kingaroy)
  • Ty Miller (Stanthorpe) d. Dylan Lane (Kingaroy)
  • Tamara White (Rockhampton) d. Stephanie Mumford (Kingaroy)
  • Stan Walker (Rockhampton) d. Jason Tessmann  (Kingaroy)
  • Nathan Thomae (Toowoomba) d. Laurie Green (Kingaroy)

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