Coarse grade fly ash from Tarong Power Station (Photo: Coal Reuse)

July 14, 2015

Work to construct a new multi-million dollar fly ash handling facility at Tarong Power Station is expected to begin soon.

Coal Reuse Pty Ltd announced today it had appointed Southern Cross Engineering (SCE) to build its new extraction and loading facility adjacent to the power station.

SCE business development engineer Chris Morse said the contract would provide employment for local contractors.

“They will be engaged to assist in both electrical and mechanical installation activities,” he said.

Coal Reuse last year won a 10-year contract to remove fly ash and related coal-burning by-products from Tarong.

Since then it has supplied about 200,000 tonnes of ash to the market from Tarong using a mobile extraction and loading system.

“It is great to see Coal Reuse take another step towards the construction of its new extraction and loading facility at the site,” Tarong site manager Dennis Franklin said.

“Stanwell and Coal Reuse have gone through a joint process to arrive at a design that meets both our long-term objectives.

“We look forward to the next stage of our agreement with Coal Reuse which will see an overall increase in the recycling of coal combustion products from our power stations for established and emerging markets within the building, agriculture and manufacturing sectors.”

Coal Reuse chief financial officer David Wright said the new infrastructure would mean Coal Reuse would be able to supply more than 150,000 tonnes of additional fine grade ash to the market.

“This phase will be operational within six months,” he said.

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