September 22, 2014

Kingaroy Magistrates Court heard today how Murgon police were threatened by a man wielding a knife, who then threatened to “blow their heads off” while pointing an object at them hidden under a blanket.

Dwayne Claude Bond, 41, pleaded guilty to contravening a domestic violence order, assaulting police while armed with a knife, and two counts of assaulting police while pretending to be armed with a dangerous weapon.

Bond, who appeared for sentencing via videolink, was charged after a six-hour stand-off with police in Watt Street, Murgon, on September 12.

He also pleaded guilty to attempting to escape from lawful custody.

Police prosecutor Sgt Pepe Gangemi said Bond had punched and attempted to kick his partner after a dispute over family matters.

Police were called to the Watt Street address about 8:50pm and found Bond yelling abuse.

When they attempted to arrest him, Bond became enraged, pulled a knife and backed into the house, telling police he was “getting his gun”.

Bond then smashed out a glass window, continuing to abuse police and telling them to go away or he’d blow off their heads.

He then came out the front door holding an unknown object under a blanket, which he pointed at a police constable, threatening to blow his head off.

Police drew their firearms and attempted to withdraw.

When one attempted to take cover behind a trampoline and swing set, Bond yelled at him to come out or he would blow his head off. The constable, who had no cover, was forced to put his hands in the air and withdraw back to the fence.

Police cordoned off the area after they were told there were young children still in the house. A police negotiator was summoned.

A siege then began during which Bond released one of the children but refused to release a young girl.

However police eventually gained entry to the house and apprehended Bond.

Sgt Gangemi said the next day, police took Bond to Murgon Hospital for treatment after he complained of chest pain.

He asked police to escort him to the toilet, and asked that his handcuffs be removed. He then managed to escape through a toilet window.

A police search of the area located him under a building after only “five to 10 minutes” of freedom.

Solicitor Alan Korobacz, for Bond, said his client had committed most of the offences while under the influence of alcohol and methamphetamines, had little recollection of events and therefore agreed with the police version of what had happened on the night.

Magistrate Simon Young said Bond had a disgraceful criminal history littered with violence and significant periods of imprisonment.

Nonetheless, he took into account that Bond had pleaded guilty at an early stage, wanted to “turn over a new leaf” and had made a written submission to the court which indicated remorse.

Bond was sentenced to a total of 18 months jail on the three assault charges and three months for the breach of the domestic violence order, to be served concurrently. He will serve an extra two months for escaping from custody.

Convictions were recorded.

Bond will be eligible to apply for parole on March 22 next year.