Zoey Young (Kumbia SS), Hannah Armstrong (Wondai P-9), Taylor Cunningham (Goomeri P-10), Jaycie Trace (St Patrick's) and Jordyn O'Toole (Taabinga SS)
Cr Kathy Duff with St Mary's principal Michael Nayler and the new perpetual shield for the winning school

August 1, 2014

Eighty young riders gathered at the Kingaroy Showgrounds on Thursday for the third annual South Burnett Equestrian Challenge.

The challenge is organised by St Mary’s Catholic College in Kingaroy but draws competitors from schools as far away as Laidley, Bell and Windera.

The riders compete in age categories in multiple disciplines: jumping, pleasure hack, barrel & bending, keyhole & diamond flag, and dressage.

Points are allocated to each rider and to each school team.

At the end of a day of fierce competition, the riders from Goomeri P-10 State School came out on top with the best percentage, and were presented with the perpetual shield.

St Mary’s Catholic College organises the event as part of its Catholic Education Week celebrations.

Supporting the winning Goomeri team ... Helen Isaac, Ross Clark and Glenn and Julie Cunningham

Leah Frohloff, from St Mary's, was helping out on the day
Caitlin Handford, from Kingaroy State High School, with "Indy"
James Bredhauer, on "Magic", with daughter Lily, 8, on "Biddy" ... Lily won ribbons in barrel racing, bending, keyhole, jumping and hack
Stacey Sanders, from Nanango State High School, with "Shandy" and mum Judy
Elyssa Hayward and Samantha Hudson, from Kingaroy State High School, with "Destiny"
St Mary's student Gabe Crane, on "Commando", takes a jump in the 16-18yrs competition
(Photo: John Dalton)

* * *

Perpetual Shield

An innovation for the 2014 Equestrian Challenge was the introduction of a Perpetual Shield which is presented to the winning school. The shield – engraved with the names of the 2012 winners (Goomeri) and 2013 winners (Kumbia) – was presented to the Goomeri P-10 School.

The trophy winner is decided by dividing the points a school wins on the day by its enrolment.


  • 1. Goomeri P-10
  • 2. Tanduringie State School
  • 3. St Mary’s Catholic College
The South Burnett Equestrian Challenge Perpetual Shield was presented to the Goomeri P-10 School ... the Goomeri team members are pictured with hack judge Cr Kathy Duff and St Mary's Catholic College principal Michael Nayler

* * *

Age Champions

5-7yrs winner Jordyn O'Toole, Taabinga SS, and runner-up Jaycie Trace, St Patrick's
8yrs runner-up Lily Bredhauer, St Mary's, with winner Mackenzie Grundy, Taabinga SS
9yrs runner-up Jessica Lawless with joint winners Sophie Grundy, Taabinga SS, and Bonnie Brunner, Coolabunia SS
10yrs winner Shayana Shipley, from St Mary's Laidley, with runner-up Zoey Young, from Kumbia SS
11yrs runner-up Hannah Lee, Taabinga SS, with winner Issy Bredhauer, St Mary's
12yrs winner Katie Bredhauer, St Mary's, with runner-up Jacinta Rockemer, Goomeri P-10
13yrs winner Ashley Knight, Goomeri P-10, with joint runners-up Natalie Jones, Murgon SHS, and Renee Irvine, St Mary's Catholic College
14yrs runner-up Beau Hockey, Goomeri P-10, with winner Meagan Clark, Goomeri P-10
15yrs runner-up Lachlan Rockemer, Goomeri P-10, with winner Stacey Sanders, Nanango SHS
16-18yrs winner Gabe Crane, St Mary's, with runner-up Lauren Clark, Murgon SHS

Age Champions

5-7 Years

  • 1. Jordyn O’Toole – Taabinga SS
  • 2. Jaycie Trace – St Patrick’s
  • Equal 3. Olivia Grundy – Taabinga SS
  • Equal 3. Rhys O’Toole – Taabinga SS

8 Years

  • 1. Mackenzie Grundy – Taabinga SS
  • 2. Lily Bredhauer – St Mary’s
  • 3. Shay Barron – Kumbia SS

9 Years

  • Equal 1. Bonnie Brunner – Coolabunia SS
  • Equal 1. Sophie Grundy – Taabinga
  • 2. Jessica Lawless – Goomeri P-10
  • Equal 3. Shannon Hansen – Taabinga SS
  • Equal 3. Mickayla Hodgson – Moffatdale SS

10 Years

  • 1. Shayana Shipley – St Mary’s Laidley
  • 2. Zoey Young – Kumbia SS
  • 3. Taylah Hancock – Bell SS

11 Years

  • 1. Issy Bredhauer – St Mary’s
  • 2. Hannah Lee – Taabinga SS
  • 3. Patrick Frohloff – St Mary’s

12 Years

  • 1. Katie Bredhauer – St Mary’s
  • 2. Jacinta Rockemer – Goomeri P-10
  • 3. Lydia Penny – St Mary’s

13 Years

  • 1. Ashley Knight – Goomeri P-10
  • 2. Renee Irvine – St Mary’s
  • 2. Natalie Jones – Murgon SHS
  • 3. Jordan Young – Kingaroy SHS

14 Years

  • 1. Meagan Clark – Goomeri P-10
  • 2. Beau Hockey – Goomeri P-10
  • 3. Samantha Lee – Kingaroy SHS

15 Years

  • 1. Stacey Sanders – Nanango SHS
  • 2. Lachlan Rockemer – Goomeri P-10
  • 3. Jonnie Lee Barron – Nanango SHS

16-18 Years

  • 1. Gabe Crane – St Mary’s
  • 2. Lauren Clark – Murgon SHS
  • 3. Madeline Rockemer – Goomeri P-10

* * *

More Photos (courtesy John Dalton)

[UPDATED with correction]

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