Clayton Green
Clayton Green from Toowoomba takes a spectacular spill off “Commotion” at this year’s Bell Rodeo (Photo: Denise Keelan)

March 5, 2013

The Bell Rodeo drew a big crowd on Saturday despite the drought; ironically, the popular annual event had to be cancelled last year because of the floods.

With large parts of the Darling Downs and South Burnett now suffering the effects of prolonged dry weather, organisers weren’t sure what sort of reception to expect but a large field of competitors and cattle turned out at Bell Showgrounds to compete on the day, and the final numbers left everyone delighted.

“We had a really excellent attendance this year,” Bell Show Society secretary Pat Tynan said.

“All cattle numbers were up, and our new announcer Aaron Ryan kept the crowd on the edge of their seats right through the day.”

Pat, who is also involved in other rural show activities on the Downs, said she knew that many other events have also seen an upswing in attendance figures so far this year.

“I don’t know, but I think it could be that people on the land are doing it so tough at the moment that when something like a rodeo or a show comes along, they go to it because it’s a break from the struggles they’re going through,” she said.

“Sometimes we all need something to take our minds off our troubles, and maybe this year’s rodeo was just the right thing at the right time.”

2014 Bell Rodeo Results:

  • Juvenile Barrel Race – Teal Ayres
  • Open Steer Ride – Dallas Hay
  • Junior Steer Ride – Jack Byrnes
  • Juvenile Bull Ride – Jake Kay
  • Saddle Ride – Adam Hamilton
  • Bull Ride – Jack McArthur
  • Ladies Barrel Race – Lisa Sutton
  • Bareback Ride – Clinton Burton
  • Juvenile Steer Ride – Jake Kay

Judges: Angus Mitchell and Dave Phipps
Pick Up Men: Kerry Hall.
Horses: Kerry Hall.
Bulls: Snowy Timms.

[Photos: Denise Keelan Photography]

Tommy Ramsey
Tommy Ramsey kicking up the dust at the Bell Rodeo for a 75 point score (Photo: Denise Keelan)
Bell Rodeo
The Ladies Barrel Race produced a strong field of competitors (Photo: Denise Keelan)
Pete Carswell
Pete Carswell travelled from the Lockyer Valley to compete at this year’s event, but came away without a prize (Photo: Denise Keelan)

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