Coomba Falls boardwalk
The Coomba Falls boardwalk near Maidenwell will finally be completed by the South Burnett Regional Council early next year after a long delay waiting for parts (Photo: SBRC)

December 23, 2013

The boardwalk and steps leading down to Coomba Falls near Maidenwell will finally be completed early next year after the South Burnett Regional Council was forced to wait almost 12 months for parts.

The project was part of a joint SBRC-Powerlink Greenworks funding partnership begun in 2011 to encourage the recovery of degraded lands in the Middle Creek, Tanduringie Creek and Upper Barker Creek catchments.

The Riparian Recovery Project attracted $137,000 in funding from the Council and $235,000 from Powerlink.

A major part was the construction of the Coomba Falls boardwalk to improve safe access to the popular attraction.

The 120m long boardwalk was constructed using recycled plastic materials. The equivalent of 1.5 million plastic shopping bags or 150,000 two-lite milk containers were used to produce the construction materials, which equates to more than four tonnes of plastic that would otherwise end up in landfill.

However after the initial construction, work stalled several metres short of allowing easy access to the recreation area at the base of the falls.

The project was unable to be fully completed because of a lack of suitable parts. However – after a lengthy delay – this problem is now expected to be solved within the next few months.

The SBRC-Powerlink Greenworks funding partnership also allowed landholders to apply for up to $5000 to help with projects that would improve the condition of waterways in their catchments.

A total of 39 applications were approved for projects on 110 properties, covering everything from managing weeds to fencing creeks, planting trees and controlling minor erosion.

Additional funding was applied to controlling lantana and noxious weeds along 98km of roadsides in the Maidenwell, Tarong and Neumgna districts.

Also funded was the construction of a fresh food garden as part of a Sustainability Project at Tanduringie State School.

* * *
Council’s ongoing program of upgrading the region’s CBD areas, parks, cemeteries and playgrounds is progressing well, Councillors were told at this month’s South Burnett Regional Council meeting.

Parks & Gardens portfolio leader Cr Kathy Duff provided an update on the progress of 17 other projects council staff are currently working on or have recently completed.

They are:

  • River Road Park, Kingaroy – a new toilet block has been constructed and connected and is now open for use; climbing net footings have also been installed and the new climbing nets are expected to be open for use by December 23
  • Memorial Park, Kingaroy – the installation of new playground equipment is complete
  • Apex Park, Kingaroy – footings have been installed for a flying fox in the park and it is expected to be open for use before Christmas Day
  • Kumbia – the children’s playground fence has been completed
  • Nanango Cemetery – an internal road, car park and cemetery entrance have been completed; internal gardens are currently under construction; and a shelter shed is scheduled to be built in January
  • Railway Park, Proston – a barbecue shelter is scheduled to be built in January
  • Blackbutt Toilets, Les Muller Park – these are currently under construction and should be open before Christmas
  • Lions Park Nanango– the new toilet block has been completed
  • Scott Car Park, Nanango – a toilet block has been completed and connected and one set of shade sail posts installed; the second set of shade sail posts are expected to be installed before Christmas
  • Little Drayton Lane, Nanango – some issues have been found under the surface and are scheduled for work in January 2014
  • Lions Park, Murgon – a shade sail installation has been completed
  • Rotary Park, Murgon – work on this park has been scheduled for the New Year
  • Coronation Park, Wondai– new paths in the park are almost completed and are expected to be ready for the Wondai Christmas Eve Carnival
  • Wondai Cemetery – work began today on December 18 of the removal of the front fence and a new fence will be installed just prior to Christmas
  • Henry Street, Nanango – the installation of new trees started on December 10 but a machine breakdown caused a delay; completion of stage one (from the Scout Hall to the South Burnett Aquatic Centre) is scheduled for late January or early February 2014
  • A Bio Grant has allowed 2000 native trees to be planted in the Gordonbrook area over last two weeks, with further plantings scheduled up to December 20
  • Another Bio Grant has also allowed fire breaks to be constructed on 13 reserves; four controlled burns have also been completed in preparation for the summer
Tanduringie State School
Tanduringie State School’s Sustainability Project allows students to learn how to grow their own fresh fruits and vegetables in the school’s grounds (Photo: SBRC)

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