The “Kitchen Doctor” Geoff Prior prepares for surgery in his “operating theatre” 

December 17, 2013

East Nanango tradesman Geoff Prior has been a cabinetmaker for 30 years but now he’s taken his skills to a new level … after donning a white jacket (and a stethoscope), he’s now the “Kitchen Doctor GP”.

Geoff and his wife “Nurse Jilly” have high hopes for their unique kitchen repairs business which they “got serious” about just over two months ago.

With the encouragement of a support group of fellow businesspeople who meet regularly in Nanango, they have expanded their horizons to envisage the day when “Kitchen Doctor GP” could become a nationally recognised brand.

Geoff and Jill’s expectations are built on their current work schedule.

They’ve already completed jobs on the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast, including contracts in a number of State School buildings.

They’ve also had feelers to expand the service across the Tasman into New Zealand.

The couple came to the South Burnett in 2007 which prompted a mini-wave of “immigration”.

“My wife’s family all followed us … we have brought about 20 people to the area,” Geoff joked.

Working as a traditional cabinetmaker, Geoff had been kept busy until recently in the local area installing kitchens for local builders in new housing estates.

But along the way he was getting more and more callouts for kitchen repair work, especially from real estate agents acting on behalf of landlords.

He became frustrated because he was attending jobs where he was repairing thousands of dollars worth of damage – and sometimes replacing the whole kitchen – when he knew that if he had been called in just a few months earlier, it would have been a quick and easy repair before the real damage was done.

So the idea of a “Kitchen Doctor GP” who will make house calls was born …

“I became sick of getting called out to fix things. If they had called me out four months earlier I could have saved the whole lot,” he said.

“I will fix the little things to save you the big dollars.

“I spent a whole day at Nanango State School recently. We estimate we saved them $17,000 in repairs.”

For a fixed fee, Geoff will adjust and spray (or replace) sagging hinges on cupboard doors, lubricate drawers and replace drawer runners, and remove and replace waterproof seals around sinks, splashbacks and mop boards to prevent water damage.

After servicing the kitchen, Geoff then inspects the other rooms in the house, including laundries and bathrooms.

“I will do a complete service on your property, it doesn’t matter how many rooms, for the same fixed price,” he said.

The hinges and runners that Geoff uses have a lifetime guarantee and a set number are included in the service charge.

The Priors see a time when there could be mobile operators throughout the country, all staffed by fully qualified cabinetmakers.

At the moment, the greatest demand is coming from real estate agents who have been calling in Geoff after properties have been vacated by tenants.

He prepares a full, written report – including photos – which the agent can then pass on to the landlord.

There is also a demand from the owners of holiday rental properties but private home owners are also welcome to call on his services.

And like most “doctors”, the Kitchen Doctor GP (“GP” = Geoff Prior) recommends a yearly check-up to make sure the health of the kitchen “patients” stay in tip-top state.

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