Cherbourg State School’s Parent of the Month for October, Nina Hero, loves being close by to help students and her daughter Dee-anna, 11

November 20, 2013

by Marcus Priaulx

Nina Hero has had great outcomes for her family since she became a Cherbourg State School mentor.

She sits with students in Years 4, 6 and 7 while her children Dylan, 12, Dee-Anna, 11, and Joseph, 9, are learning nearby.

Nina now understands how schools operate today and her children have grown in confidence with her presence.

“Dylan used to get frustrated in class,” she said.

“Now he puts his hand up and asks for help.”

This has made home life better as Dylan’s not as stressed about school.

“Being there in the class makes me a lot less worried, too,” Nina said.

She now urges other parents and carers to take the plunge and try their hand at mentoring.

“I like it a lot,” Nina said. “It keeps me busy. The whole family is happier.”

Nina’s husband, Joseph Snr, cares for their toddler Patrick, 3, at home.

“He likes me working,” she said.

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