The Girl Guides enjoyed exploring Boondooma Creek

November 19, 2013

Durong District’s painting

by Martin Stern

Thirty-one Girl Guides, eight leaders and six guests enjoyed a Girl Guides camp at Boondooma Homestead over the weekend.

New friends were made and old friendships rekindled as Guides from Durong, Murgon and Gympie joined together for a regional camp.

The camp was themed “Australiana” with two sun camps called “The Bushrangers” and “The Swaggies”.

The girls explored Australian heritage by participating in activities that included Aboriginal art and beading, learning the “Yula Buri Ba Yara” welcome dance and about indigenous culture.

Aboriginal elder Uncle Alan Gill taught the girls to respect their parents and elders and told a story of his own experience as a youngster.

They also tried their hand at bush balladeering and exploring Boondooma Creek.

A tour of the historic Boondooma Homestead also gave the Guides some insight into station life and some of the hardship settlers faced from the early 1800s onwards.

For some, camping in tents and cooking in a Q.M. tent was a new experience while others enjoyed a bush shower for the first time.

Tired campers headed home on Sunday afternoon with souvenirs of paintings, beads and lasting memories.

Organiser Leeann Stern said she was pleased to have been able to share the local heritage with Murgon and Gympie.

The guests, Dot, Justin and Emily Welfare along with Alan and Cheryl Gill gave insight into the local indigenous culture and their input was well appreciated.

Mrs Stern also thanked Buddy Thomson, Lynne Bennett and the staff at Boondooma Homestead for allowing the Girl Guides to enjoy their hospitality.

[UPDATED with correction]

The camp was a first for some of the young Girl Guides who came from all over the district … but they were kept busy with lots of fun activities;  Dot Welfare, right, works on Durong District’s painting welcomes reports from community groups about their activities. We invite any interested group to submit their reports to us by emailing them to

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