SES personnel assisted with food relief efforts during the 2013 floods in the South Burnett

October 10, 2013

With the storm season just around the corner, the Kingaroy SES group has sent out an urgent SOS for more volunteers to join its ranks.

Kingaroy Group Leader Peter Verbakel said today the group was approaching a critically low number of members,

It is currently working in closely with the Nanango SES so it can adequately respond to emergencies.

“Volunteer numbers have decreased recently due to relocations and work commitments, leaving the opportunity for committed, keen, dedicated and community-minded people to take their place,” Mr Verbakel said.

“A willingness to respond at any time to activations is essential,” he said.

“Emergencies and disasters occur without warning. A committed volunteer understands the nature of SES operations and will respond when called.”

He said there were many benefits to volunteering with the SES.

“These are personal and vary between members,” he said.

“Some enjoy the ability to support and assist their community. Others rise to the challenge of specialist training and learning.

“Yet others simply want to give back to their community. There is scope to demonstrate leadership, improve your skills, enjoy the company of like-minded people, and be part of a respected and professional emergency response team.”

  • Anyone interested in joining the Kingaroy SES should turn up at the SES Headquarters in Glendon Street (near Kingaroy X Ray) at 7:30pm on any Wednesday night.

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