Margie Lee-Madigan with her Bronzed Mrs Albee

September 23, 2013

A Nanango farmer has been named as the Number 1 Avon representative out of 800 possible District representatives.

And for the third year in a row, Margie Lee-Madigan, has been presented with a “Mrs Bronzed Albee”, the Avon version of a Logie award.

She was presented with the awards at a ceremony recently in Kingaroy.

Margie was named the Number 1 Sales Leader and Number 1 Top Rep for District 810.

She was also named 25th nationally, not bad considering there are  50,000 registered Avon representatives across Australia.

“It is a honour to be recognised for for my efforts in delivering efficient and reliable service to my customers,” Margie said.

“I have been with Avon five years this December and during this period have seen a continual growth from a fulfilling and rewarding local business.

“I truly love what I do and all of my customers are based in the South Burnett.

“My family has lived in the region for 125 years and I really enjoy servicing them and seeing my clients enjoy Avon’s products.”

On an Avon delivery day, Margie regularly travels 180km on bitumen and rural roads to deliver directly to more than 385 customers.

District 810 covers the North Burnett, South Burnett, Western Darling Downs, Beaudesert and Warwick areas.

“Last year I was number 44 in the nation and set my sights on being in the top 40 this year,” Margie said.

“I was astounded that I was able to secure the 25th position given that the region was hit by floods this year.

“I spent the beginning part of 2013, driving along muddy roads to do deliveries. It really shows you can do anything in the face of adversity.”

The Lee-Madigan family have owned an 8000 acre property on Barkers Creek in Nanango for 125 years.

Margie’s children are the fifth generation to live on the farm.

“I am proof that businesses are not only surviving but growing. I put my success down to me going the extra mile and having so many loyal customers. I ensure each of my customers gets a personal touch and enjoys their home-shopping experience,” she said.

“My customers are so varied. They are from all walks of life and meeting with them regularly keeps my passion for Avon’s products alive.

“I actually went into Avon purely by mistake. I simply wanted to purchase everyday products for my late mother and myself. The business has grown since then.”

Avon’s reward for being awarded in the top 40 in Australia was an all expense paid five-star trip to Darwin with management of Avon Australia and New Zealand.

“It was a surreal experience to be in Darwin with all of the other top 40 reps, the little farmer from Nanango showing them how we take care of our customers in rural areas,” she said.

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