by Jim Bond
Wild Horse 99.7FM

August 31, 2013

As Father’s Day is on Sunday, most of the region’s clubs are holding Father’s Day bowls events today so that Dad could relax at home with the family the next day.

I hope to have a full report about those Saturday games next week.

* * *
But there was quite a bit of activity at Yarraman this past week:

Rotational Triples were held last Saturday, and Lady President Glenda Wolski had her big day on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday the Ladies Club played scroungers.

The Rotational Triples attracted 10 teams. Conditions were 2 for an end and 4 for a win.

Winners on a count-back were Helene Johnson and Kev and Bev Profke with 40 points.

Runners-up were Les Joyce, Mike Wyvill, and Lew Saunders, while the trophy for third went to Merv and Doreen Fitch who teamed with Daphne Stewart.

* * *
Lady President Glenda Wolski hosted her day on Tuesday and attracted a full green of 64 players.

Winners were decided by closest winning margin, and they were Evelyn Jensen, Ivy Wrembreck and Barry Reithmuller with a margin of 4.

Runners-up were decided by the highest score – and the winners there were the Burnett District team of Pat Darlington, Linda Cecil, Del Lane and Bev Henness who defeated the official Yarraman team of Glenda Wolski, Gloria Anderson, Kay Dugdell and Margaret Willoughby 40 points to 5.

Glenda’s team was awarded the Sportsman’s Prize.

But the highlight of the day was probably the presentation of badges to the District Fours winners.

The Burnett District President presented badges to this years’ winners: the Yarraman team. of Helene Johnson, Bev Profke and Di Currell.

The fourth team member – Robyn Diercke – was unable to be present and received hers on Ladies Day Wednesday.

Life membership was also awarded to Ivy Wrembreck and Helen Russ (both worthy recipients).

* * *
A couple of rinks of scroungers on Wednesday.

Going down the top of list was Kev Profke on 77 as best scrounger with Neil Currell runner-up on 62.

A couple of others worth mentioning were Robyn Diercke and Glenda Wolski, both on 60.

* * *
Kingaroy news: last week we missed out on telling you all about Lady President Dianne Reed’s Day

That was held on Tuesday, August 20, and more than 80 bowlers from throughout the Burnett attended

Winners were determined by a win plus amount of ends won.

Overall Winners were Johnston, Jensen, Kratzmann and Bev Profke with a win plus 16 ends.

Runners up weere decided by the closest winning margin, and they were Malpass, Neilsen, Richards and Crawford with a winning margin of 3.

* * *
In last Sunday’s Jackpot Pairs, 12 teams competed in the 2 bowl pairs competition with each team playing 2 games of 18 ends.

The winner was decided by number of wins and the largest combined margin.

The winners were Alan Irwin and Kerry Smith, with 2 wins plus 36 margin, while the runners-up were Peter Neilsen and Dave Barwick, who had 2 wins plus 1 margin.

However for Jackpot Number 55 there was no winner.

* * *
On Tuesday, the popular cheap Tuesday Pairs saw the following results:

  • Erris Vale and Kev Raffin, 22 def. Kevin Hobdell and Bruce Johnston 7
  • Felipe Munoz and Alan Rogerson 26 def. Dave Barwick and Col Kratzmann 11
  • Maree Millard and Bob Robinson 13 def. Brigitte Kung and Alan Irwin 10
  • John Goodwin and Geoff Clutterbuck 18 def. Lindy Clutterbuck and Patricia Goodwin 16
  • Maureen Semgreen and Irene Smith 20 def. Kerry Smith and Greg Schulz 14

* * *
In Nanango news, last Sunday was the Nanango President’s At Home Day and 56 players from the Burnett District took to the green for two games of bowls.

Scoring was 2 for an end and 5 for a win.

The Nanango team of Bob Hammond, Cec Bracken, Brian Havell and Les Joyce scored 56pts.

The District Official Team of Graham Heaton, Rus Hennes, Lester Newman and Errol Young came in with 54pts.

Terry Kilford’s Wondai team made 49pts; Geoff’s Durong team made 46pts; and the Nanango President’s team of Bob Hall Jim Fowler Glen Yeates and Athol Jensen followed with 43pts.

Bob Robinson’s Kingaroy team scored 42pts, as did Jim LeCocq’s Yarraman team; and they were followed closely by Beven Barsby’s Proston team and Len McArthur’s Past President’s team, both with 41pts

Dave Banbury’s Tansey team scored 35pts; Merv Fitch’s Yarraman team scored 32pts; Roy Latham’s Murgon team nailed 31pts; and the Nanango team of Lew Saunders, Mike Wyvill Nev Lawrence and Warren Arthur backed up the field with 28pts.

What a line-up that was!

* * *
I should also mention last Friday’s Scroungers

Julie Saunders came in with a very impressive score of 174.

She was followed by Les Joyce on 127, Lew Saunders on 93 and Terry Howard on 78.

* * *
And on Tuesday in the Men’s Social, with 3 for a win and 2 per end, the top scorers were:

  • Kevin Kleinhanns and Trevor Ward 31pts
  • Greg Pogson and Ben Pratap 30 pts
  • Lew Saunders and Cec Bracken 29 pts
  • Joe Aglizzo and Les Joyce 29 pts
  • Bob Hammond and Brian Havell also on 29 pts

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