Bronson Aubrey, 9,  Iziah Cobbo, 11, Tyreece Gyemore, 12 and Arshell Hopkins, 11, were part of the group of Cherbourg dancers who performed at the opening
Aunty Eileen Weazel and Aunty Vera Sullivan at  the unveiling of the Wakka Wakka plaque 

July 18, 2013

Murgon, Nanango and Kingaroy State High Schools – and St Mary’s Catholic College – have quite a few things in common …

They’re all in the South Burnett, they all have many indigenous students, and more importantly, they all stand on Wakka Wakka land.

This last fact has now been recognised with the erection of four identical Wakka Wakka stone plaques, one at each school.

The stone at Murgon State High School was officially unveiled by local elder Aunty Eileen Weazel today as part of a ceremony in front of a large gathering of students, parents and teachers.

The celebration of Aboriginal culture included music (both traditional and hip hop) and Aboriginal and Islander dancing.

Cherbourg Mayor Ken  Bone, South Burnett Mayor Wayne Kratzmann and school principal Greg Smith spoke at the ceremony.

The stones are a project of the Aboriginal Community Interest Consultative Committee (ACICC), which distributes mining royalties from Stanwell back to the local community.

ACICC representative Darren Schmidt said education has always been a part of Wakka Wakka culture … “always was and always will be”.

The stone reads: 

“You are walking on country traditionally cared for by the Wakka Wakka speaking people.  The Wakka Wakka people, including elders present and past, welcome both students and teachers onto this country and encourage them to ask questions, maintain respect and learn about the land and its people. Whilst it is a true privilege to host local children’s education on our country, we expect that children also respect the privilege they enjoy in gaining their education in this place following in the footsteps of people who have gone before. On behalf of the Wakka Wakka people. South Burnett, Queensland”

Murgon State High School principal Greg Smith, Cherbourg mayor Ken Bone, Darren Schmidt (ACICC) and South Burnett mayor Wayne Kratzmann with the new Wakka Wakka stone  
Damien Bond, Jareece Cobbo, 9, and Lewis Langton … Damien and Lewis led the cultural performance

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