South Burnett CTC Chairman Howard Leisemann and CEO Nina Temperton with NAB Business Manager Kaylene Schilf and Agri Manager Steve Youngberry

April 22, 2013

The National Australia Bank has presented local not-for-profit group South Burnett CTC with a cheque for $10,000 from its community relief fund.

Business Manager Kaylene Schilf and Agri Manager Steve Youngberry presented the cheque during CTC’s annual staff day which was held at the Highway Christian Church building in Kingaroy on Friday.

CTC chief executive officer Nina Temperton gratefully received the donation and said the best thing was there were “no strings attached”.

“We can spend the money any way we like,” she said.

Mrs Temperton said she expected many different parts of CTC would be putting forward ideas to make the best use of the donation.

“It will be spread out and taken to where it is really needed,” she said.

Ms Schilf said the branch had been asked to nominate a customer and explain what they had done for the community.

They had instantly thought about CTC.

“You really deserve it,” she said. “What a great bunch! You do some fantastic work.”

Ms Schilf said she was always “blown away” whenever she read reports about what CTC was doing.

NAB has also made a similar donation to assist BlazeAid, which is currently working from Murgon to assist farmers affected by this year’s three floods.

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