Grace Carr, from Kingaroy, uses a pusher … “it will be a long walk for me, here you can just walk in”

February 8, 2013

A delegation of protesters has been selected to meet with South Burnett Mayor Wayne Kratzmann on Monday to help prepare an official response to Australia Post’s decision to close the Kingaroy Street business facility.

The letter will request that the decision to close the public counter next Friday be at least postponed until Australia Post’s lease on the Shoppingworld premises has expired so an opportunity to consider new bigger, leased premises can be considered.

A crowd of about 60 people gathered in Mulcahy Place next to the post office this morning to make their displeasure known to Australia Post officials.

Australia Post Area Manager Geoff Hyland, reportedly responsible for the decision to close the facility to public use, was invited to attend the rally but failed to show.

A number of speakers addressed the crowd.

Former police officer Barry Krosch emphasised that no one blamed any of the local Australia Post staff.

“We think they’re wonderful people and they’re doing a great job,” he said.

But people must be prepared to stand up and be counted about the way Australia Post had made the decision without any consultation, he said.

Local businesswoman Trudi Bartlett said she was representing many local businesses who could not afford to close their shops to attend a protest rally … the same as they won’t be able close their businesses twice a day to do their post.

“What is going to be the next service that goes?” she asked.

“Australia Post has a monopoly on this service … and it is a service to the community, It’s not just a business decision.

“They’re a monopoly but they need to take into account how this affects our community.”

Janelle Frohloff, whose initial complaint on Facebook directly led to today’s rally, said the facility had been a hub of the community for at least 80 years.

She said she couldn’t understand why Australia Post was forcing everyone to go to the Mall when they only have 18 months’ lease left on that shop.

“They will still have the same overheads – the two buildings, and they say the staff won’t be losing their jobs, so how are they saving money?” she said.

She said a lot of elderly and disabled people were also expressing their concerns because they could not use the travelator at the Mall and it was a long distance to walk from the parking lot.

Cr Damien Tessmann, representing South Burnett mayor Wayne Kratzmann, also addressed the crowd.

He said the Australia Post decision would have a huge impact on local businesses.

“They’ve taken the decision-making process lightly,” he said.

He said the crowd still had a “lot more work to do” to reverse the decision.

“Businesses need to do more, write letters, send emails … don’t take it lying down,” he said.

Judy Cooper, from Crane Wines, said she sometimes had up to 20 cartons of wine to be posted. At the moment she could drop them off easily at the Kingaroy Street facility.

The closure would mean she would struggling back and forth from the car five or six times to deliver the cartons to the Mall PostSHOP. And then, an Australia Post staff member there would just have to bring them back down to the Kingaroy Delivery Centre for sorting.

Businessman Bruce Cox said he had heard nothing about the closure until he saw it in the media.

“People are being screwed,” he said. “There’s been no consultation.”

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2 Responses to "Post Office Fight Has Just Begun"

  1. Australia Post wanted to close the post office side at the now delivery centre when the original shop opened at the mall. Businesses won that round, if you like. That’s why you can’t pay bills there. So really this has always been their intention. I’ll miss being able to post parcels and letters. It’s so much easier. Keep fighting. The CBD needs a post office in town not where no one can find it.

  2. Just reading some of the comments in this article. Where were the “howls of protest” when the shopping centre did its extensions? I remember you could park up the top & walk through the door behind the post office. Was everyone too interested in the extra shops that would be there & not the consequences of the travelator etc that they are complaining about now? How many use the other shops that are up that end? As for closing your business twice a day, don’t you do that anyway? Most businesses I know pick their mail up in the morning & post off their mail in the afternoon. How many of these businesses are the ones that I saw drop their mail on the counter when the rest of us had to line up? I use the post office in the mall now because there are more counters there. The number of times I got caught up because only one person was serving at the other one. Maybe Kingaroy is catching up with the rest of Australia where businesses have to line up with the rest of us.

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