February 5, 2013

Australia Post isn’t budging on its decision to close the counter at the Kingaroy Delivery Centre in Kingaroy Street despite howls of protest from the local business community.

In fact, an Australia Post spokesman says the decision is based on the “needs of its customers”.

From February 15, there will be no retail services … ie parcels cannot be weighed and then posted, bulk mail cannot be posted and stamps and other items such as pre-paid envelopes and mailing boxes etc cannot be purchased, at the Kingaroy Street premises.

All customers, including businesses, will have to use the AustPOST shop in Shoppingworld.

A protest against the closure is scheduled to be held near the Kingaroy Street building from 11:00am on Friday.

An Australia Post spokesman told southburnett.com.au today that “the needs of our customers are changing and Australia Post must continue to evolve and adapt its business to meet these changing needs”.

“We currently serve around 100 retail customers a day at the Kingaroy Delivery Centre, which continues to decline year-on-year,” the spokesman said.

“The Kingaroy Post Office at Kingaroy Shopping World has also been experiencing a significant reduction in customer numbers. Combined, this customer decline is around 18 per cent over the past five years.

“Given the close proximity of the two outlets, 300 metres, combining retail postal services at the Kingaroy Post Office will contribute to the long-term viability of the outlet and postal services in the area.

“To help ensure the amalgamation of postal services at the Kingaroy Post Office is as seamless as possible for Kingaroy residents, we are:

  • Retaining all Post Office Boxes at the Kingaroy Delivery Centre – Boxes will continue to operate and be serviced as they are today,
  • Continuing to provide customers with access to collect carded parcels from the Delivery Centre,
  • Retaining the red street posting box outside the Kingaroy Delivery Centre to ensure that residents continue to have 24/7 access to post letters and parcels,
  • Transferring the retail staff from the Kingaroy Delivery Centre to the Kingaroy Post Office, and implementing an additional counter terminal to help cater for any increase in customer foot traffic,
  • Introducing a dedicated counter at peak times for business customers to lodge bulk mail in-store to help ensure both retail and business customers are served as effectively and efficiently as possible,
  • Changing the layout of the Kingaroy Post Office to better accommodate our customers in-store,
  • Working closely with our major business customers and providing additional support and services to help ensure the transition is as smooth as possible for them,
  • Continuing to trade six days a week at the Kingaroy Post Office to provide customers with greater access and convenience – 9:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday and 8:30am-noon on Saturdays.’

The spokesman said it was also important to note that there would be no change to the operations of the Delivery Centre.

“It will continue to operate as a Delivery Centre and be managed by Australia Post,” the spokesman said.

“Australia Post remains committed to supporting the Kingaroy community and providing residents with ongoing access to postal services in the local area. We have notified all our Post Office Box customers about the changes and have a customer notice displayed at both the Delivery Centre and Post Office.”

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3 Responses to "Australia Post Stands Firm"

  1. Sad to see that they are quoting this decision is “based on customer needs”.

    Well, apparently this isn’t the case if we the public are protesting the change. Also the decline in business that they are experiencing is also due to the fact that they took the extra services that should be available away from this CBD postal service (trying to make us go elsewhere). Well guess what, it is turning customers away, NOT making them go elsewhere as we use alternatives as we are finding it hard to access the PO shop in the mall.

    The quote of 100 customers has already been disproved by staff and other figures stating that it is in truth approx 250 customers per day.

    The 18 per cent decline is a laugh considering that they posted a $40 million dollar increase in profits for the last year and we are posting more than ever with the influx of online increasing sales.

    I am glad to see that if this goes ahead, that they will “redesign” the postal shop as well as “working closely with businessess and providing additional support”, but like everything else, I will be happy when this actually happens.

    Please tell me if this is a financial decision, how on earth are they saving costs? They still own the CBD shop and it will still run with the parcel delivery service, so it will still have the same overheads, phone, electricity etc.

    They say that there are no job losses, so if that is the case, where are the savings coming from by the closure?

    Please answer me that one Geoff Hyland.

  2. I do not claim to be a financial or business guru of any sort but the statement from Australia Post (above) ‘Combined, this customer decline is around 18 per cent over the past five years’ beggars belief.

    If Australia Post business in Kingaroy is declining at this drastic rate, and yet the Brisbane-based hierarchy deliberately (and without prior consultation) enrages hundreds of existing business customers by making these ridiculous local changes, then their customer decline will … continue to decline.

    Mr Hyland has been invited to attend the public meeting on Friday. Locals please consider attending if you have a little time, or email Mr Hyland and express your concerns directly.

  3. After reading the latest from Aust.Post I’m wondering just what is going on here. They must intend getting rid of all the mail boxes and selling the Kingaroy St. office in the very near future. It just doesn’t make sense. Why would you transfer all the staff to the mall office and put in new counters and change the layout etc? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just keep things the way they are?

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