A protest rally will be held outside the Kingaroy Post Office this Friday

February 4, 2013

A community protest against Australia’s Post decision to close the Kingaroy Street Post Office business counter has been organised for this Friday (February 8).

The peaceful rally will be held from 11:00am in Mulcahy Place (the small park beside the post office) and on the adjacent footpath.

Organisers have stressed the aim of the rally is not to intimidate local Australia Post staff but rather to emphasise the depth of feeling against the decision in the community.

“Make noise, bring placards!”, local businesswoman Janelle Frohloff suggested.

South Burnett Mayor Wayne Kratzmann spoke to Australia Post Area Manager Geoff Hyland today and expressed his disappointment over the Australia Post decision.

He said that although he won’t be at the rally – he will be at a South Burnett Disaster Management Group debriefing – he would ensure the South Burnett Regional Council was represented.

Cr Kratzmann said Mr Hyland had explained that the proposal was for a dedicated business counter at the Shoppingworld premises from 2:30pm to 4:30pm on weekdays.

Australia Post was also considering some special delivery options for bigger businesses.

“Most people would understand if Australia Post wanted to merge the two services into one bigger premises,” Cr Kratzmann said.

“But until they can give the people of Kingaroy a suitable post office, there shouldn’t be any change.

“The closure will cause other problems. The impost that it will put on the Shoppingworld shop will create a bigger dilemma than they have now.

“The services Australia Post provide at Shoppingworld are fine but from a business perspective, we need the one in Kingaroy Street, too.”

An Australia Post spokesperson, based in Victoria, told southburnett.com.au Australia Post “doesn’t take these decisions lightly”. She said the decision was made after considering the best interests of customers.

She admitted she had never been to Kingaroy.

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  1. I had a good laugh when I read that Aust Post doesn’t take these decisions lightly and the decision was made after considering the best interests of customers. And this came from someone sitting in an office down in Melbourne who had never been to Kingaroy. What a joke Aust Post. Now how did they decide that closing was in the customers’ best interests, the mind boggles.

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