Erin Bock, from Somethings Country, with the petition against the closure of counter sales at the Kingaroy Street post office

February 2, 2013

The anger over the proposed closure of counter sales at the Kingaroy Street post office has stepped up a notch with talk of a footpath protest and the South Burnett Mayor attempting to contact Australia Post to reverse the decision.

A petition at Janelle Frohloff’s Somethings Country store in Kingaroy Street is being filled with signatures from local businesspeople and residents.

This and screenclips from a Facebook page started by Janelle and and fellow South Burnett businesswoman Trudi Bartlett are being bundled up to be sent to Australia Post area manager Jeff Hyland in a bid to overturn the decision.

The Facebook page has garnered 290 “likes” in just a few days.

South Burnett Mayor Wayne Kratzmann told today the proposal to put all postal services into the Shoppingworld Mall shop was “crazy”.

“It won’t work,” he said. “There will be businesspeople queueing out the door.”

He attempted to contact Mr Hyland on Friday about the decision but had been unsuccessful; he would follow up again on Monday.

Pressure is also building, following a comment on’s original report, for a protest to be mounted outside the Kingaroy Street building at 11:00am next Friday (February 8).

Arrangements for this are yet to be finalised but organisers have said they want to make it clear they are not angry with the local post office staff and do not want them to feel “victimised” in any way.

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4 Responses to "Protest Over Closure Grows"

  1. I cannot believe that Australia Post could in any way truly believe that the proposed changes will improve customer service. The thought of posting mail at the mall and then walking across town to collect mail is crazy. Common sense has left the building!

  2. Postal staff need to be reassured that people are in no way implying that they can’t do the work in the mall. However common sense should see that the mall premises can in no way handle the amount of business that comes each and every day. We all know the long lines endured during the last festive season…this will only worsen to every day if all postal services are moved to there.
    I would be very interested to hear the reasoning behind this decision by Australia Post.

  3. I have always found the staff at both offices just great, no complaints with any of them, quite the opposite, they are all to be commended for their patience. It’s not the staff that I dread going to a PO, it’s the wait. I actually feel for the staff they must dread seeing those long lines, too. They always seem busy.

    Once I used to use the PO to pay my bills, now I go there as little as possible. I hate the mall shop. It’s so small and in a very inconvenient location. Aust Post advertises specials but I’ve never bought any, the shop is just too small to even bother trying to look. Imagine if all the businesses have to use it as well? Where will they all fit?

    It amazes me how people can put forward these proposals without even discussing the matter with anyone, not even our Mayor. We don’t seem to mean very much to Aust Post, but I don’t mean our wonderful staff who serve us.

  4. If you look over Australia Post’s own Community Service Obligations (at you’ll find the 4th point in “Overview Of Our Obligations” is that “the performance standards for the service reasonably meet the social, industrial and commercial needs of the community”. I agree with everyone else that no-one is criticising Austrlia Post’s Kingaroy staff in all of this – they’re great – but what we are criticising is a distant, out-of-touch management that doesn’t appear to know anything about this area. If it did, it would realise that what it’s proposing fails the standards set by its own community charter.

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