Janelle Frohloff … averages $2000 a month in postage for her business

January 29, 2013

A decision by Australia Post to stop all counter services at its Kingaroy Delivery Centre has angered local businesspeople.

From February 15, there will be no retail services … ie parcels cannot be weighed and then posted, bulk mail cannot be posted and stamps and other items such as pre-paid envelopes and mailing boxes etc cannot be purchased.

In fact, the only service that will be remaining in the Kingaroy Street building are the keyed post boxes and the two red mailing boxes. And the only contact with postal staff will be a limited parcel pick-up for post box owners, who will be able to use a buzzer on the hatch door to collect parcels if a collection card has been left in their box.

And it’s feared that even this service may be available only during restricted hours.

Kingaroy businesswoman Janelle Frohloff, whose business is located just a few doors down from the Kingaroy Delivery Centre in Kingaroy Street, is angry.

And she’s not the only one. Discussions on Facebook are unanimous in their opposition since the decision became known last Wednesday.

Letters have been written to the Australia Post Area Manager to complain about the decision, and Janelle has begun a petition.

Janelle can’t understand why Australia Post is trying to make life more difficult for small business owners, and why it’s trying to cost them time and money.

She averages $2000 a month in postage charges for her business, Somethings Country, and sometimes makes three or four trips a day to the Kingaroy Street post office with parcels.

Now she will have to drive to Shoppingworld, find a car space and then stand in a queue at the POSTShop.

And every other businessperson in Kingaroy will have to do exactly the same thing, wasting time and money.

Businesspeople with accounts will no longer be able to quickly drop off bulk mail, and employees will be spending time just queueing in the mall.

Janelle said part of the reason why she relocated her business recently from Haly Street to Kingaroy Street was because it would be closer to the Kingaroy Delivery Centre. But this is not the main reason why she is upset.

“The problem is accessibility. If you have a Post Office box and you go to make a pick up, you can’t put in at the same time. We will all have to make two trips or send the staff out twice,” she said.

“And how long will we have to wait in the line?”

She believes local post office staff are unhappy about the decision, although they have been told there will be no job losses.

“We’re already living in the Third World with our internet service, now they’re taking away out post office,” she said.

PS. A similar decision to close the Kingaroy Delivery Centre was defeated by a groundswell of opposition more than 10 years ago. 

UPDATE January 30: A Save Our Post Office Facebook group has been started

A copy of the Australia Post letter to customers delivered to post boxes in Kingaroy last week

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12 Responses to "Fight To Save Post Office"

  1. As a previous resident of Kingaroy, I am shocked to hear the Kingaroy Street Post Office is closing. I lived in Kingaroy for 10 years and in this time both Post Offices were always queued up out the door. The town of Kingaroy has continued to grow and needs this service more now than ever!!

  2. This decision is very impractical for local business not to mention residents who work out of town and would be unable to collect parcels if collection hours are restricted. Obviously, Australia Post have not considered the needs of the community in this decision.

  3. I agree. If Australia Post want to save money and improve services, a better answer would be to close the Shoppingword retail outlet and relocate it to the Kingaroy Street Post Office.

  4. This is a very bad decision made by Auspost. The queues at the Postshop in the mall are bad enough already. This will cause lines to be halfway down the mall and so much time will be wasted. We have a lot of elderly people who use the post office, as well as Mums with children and employees of other businesses… they can’t afford to spend half their morning waiting to mail a few letters or parcels. Not impressed!

  5. As a manager of a store in the shopping centre, I still prefer to send our mail at Kingaroy Street. It’s on the way to the bank and so much faster then waiting at the mall. I think this is a ridiculous decision, as heavy parcels being carted through the mall is silly when a delivery centre could be right there!

  6. Not having the Post Office in the CBD is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard – EVERY CBD has a Post Office. My business is sole operated – NO STAFF. So moving the Post Office into the Mall means my shop needs to be closed for quite a long time for me to get across there. This obviously will cause more loss of business!!! It is hard enough as a small business operator to keep going at the moment, so any lost time from waiting in a queue in a shop that is far too small to cope with customers all ready, will just be more detrimental to us. OUR TIME WASTED IS MONEY LOST! Combining the 2 is probably a good idea but PLEASE put the Post Office in a place that is in the CBD and close to the Mall. There is an obvious building that would be ideal, centrally located between the Mall and the CBD. Staff wouldn’t be tripping over each other, room for your customers (which obviously will increase with combining the 2 places), and provision to give GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE and not be wasting people’s valuable time. Please reconsider your decision and CONSIDER a better alternative.

  7. Wasn’t it not too long ago that the Australia Post bragged on the front page of the print media that they extend their services to reflect a new reality in our all-connected world? Didn’t they claim that they will make it easier to people and businesses to post and collect parcels as more and more stuff is shipped today due to eBay etc? I always wondered when they will actually make due on this promise so a normal working person can pick up their parcel in Kingaroy without having to leave work early.

    Well, I guess, here is your answer. Now you need to park in the the underground parking space, carry your parcel half way thru the mall, fighting screaming kids and rude teenagers and then waste your time standing in line with people who want to buy a memory card. Well done!

  8. I agree with sentiments of all (above), however I probably have a slightly different (experience based) approach to such matters?

    You can Facebook and petition all you like, (and I accept the value of such methods) but in this case more direct action is required.

    Residents need to let Area Manager Geoff Hyland know exactly how they feel. This can best be done by contacting him directly. Geoff Hyland on 3405 1555 or better still email him on geoff.hyland@austpost.com.au

    Another (the best) method is to gather, en masse, outside the Post Office (the Kingaroy Street one) and protest. Make the message loud and clear.

    Such a protest in Kingaroy would attract all sorts of state and national media attention, and bring enormous pressure onto Australia Post. I suggest Friday 8th February would be a good day? (Allowing some time to organise). Ensure Mr Hyland is invited.

    The literature calls this ‘Non Violent Direct Action’. The key to a successful outcome is to make absolutely certain no staffer at Australia Post (Kingaroy) is victimised or made feel responsible in any way, and to obey any lawful police directions.

    All that aside, make sure you communicate your displeasure to your Mayor, your local State Member and your local Federal Member.

    Some time in our lives we have to stand and be counted – this is one of them. (I have sent a copy of this to Mr Hyland to consider over his morning coffee.)

  9. Some changes seem regressive and this is one.
    With family all elsewhere, I rely on parcel post contact frequently .
    The small facillity in the mall is inadequate for the queues as it is.
    I think this closure will make mailing more time consuming and inconvenient.
    It is a backward and an isolating step for Kingaroy.

  10. This is just stupid, you can pick up parcels but you can’t post them, makes it so hard for businesses. You can’t tell me it is closing through lack of usage either, it is always full of customers!

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