Ryan Fleischfresser and Sami Lange

Jye Goodhind and Sarah Brookes

Jamie Clark and Mikaela Greenslade

Jamie Carr and Cassie Sutton

Tyler Kersnovski and Courtney Retschlag

Matt Litzow and Tianee O’Neill

Jeremy Nichol and Letika Horne

Robbie Fursey and Chloe Zeller

Derek Whitby and Stacey Kay
Bethany Kelly and Ben Magick were carried up Glendon Street on Steve Hood’s 1910 Case traction engine … complete with flag man

Teagan Stumm and Alex Calvert

Sam Murray and Ashlee Tessmann

Brett Zelinski and Tee-arna Doggett

Ashleigh Oliver and Cameron Groer

Tom Mitchell and Maddy Murphy

Sarah Robinson and Lachlan Boyle

Chris Williams and Nicole Reynolds

Meagan Rowlings and Jamie McCarthy
Maddy Steffensen-Grant arrived in style aboard her own bus 

Bernadette Bunker and Scott Barry

Jade Vidler and Chris Ostwald

Jack Schaffer and Katy Eggington

Ashleigh Trace

Alex Dempster and Michaela Hurt

Sharney Ross and Hayden Woodall

Meagan McMurdy and Aidan Maher

Gabriella Dempster and Scott Evans
Serena Barber looked splendid as she rode down Glendon Street

Kristin Williams and Jackson Hay

Grace Courtney-Byrne and Taylor Herrmann

Nathan Barbeler and Danielle Pazmany

Nicholas Clegg and Rhiannon Overton

Emily Law and Hayden Steene

Emma Taffe and Cameron Harvey

Crowther Bedow and Megan Jones

Joseph Ryan and Natasha Parsons

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