September 12, 2012

Bell Show Society held its annual two-day campdraft recently and the organisers are very happy, saying it was again a successful and rewarding event for competitors and committee.

Fine weather added to the perfect course conditions during the weekend with many competitors travelling long distances, from Injune, the Lockyer Valley, Mundubbera and the North Coast region.

An energetic new campdraft committee organised the event on behalf of the Bell Show Society and found the experience rewarding, interesting and enjoyable.

Competitors and sponsors of the campdraft appreciated the many months of hard work put in to make it a successful event.

The committee said it would like to thank the many tireless volunteers who assisted throughout the weekend to make the annual campdraft a success.

Cattle throughout the weekend ran well and the committee thanked all cattle donors, in particular, Rosevale Santa Gertrudis stud, for supplying the majority of cattle for the event.

The Bell Campdraft gave local and seasoned campdrafters the opportunity to display their horsemanship skills, trying to achieve the ultimate reward of positioning their cattle through the campdraft course gate.

High scores were recorded throughout the weekend with prizemoney and magnificent trophies being awarded to placegetters.

Trophies were presented to the highest scoring lady rider, highest scoring local rider and highest scoring Australian Stock Horse in each event.


Encouragement Draft
1. Prue Hayward – Atlantis (Highest scoring lady rider)
2. Kym Hoffmann – Silky Sal (Highest scoring ASH horse)
3. Charles Wright – Peeping Around
4. Laressa Duncan – Hanover Ester
5. Carolyn Fisher – Scooter (Highest scoring local rider)
6. Chris Coman – Stumpy John
7. Natasha Brown – Brooks
8. Emma Waller – Spindell
9. Kevin Morris – Buddy
10. Tina Fulton Kennedy – Twylight
11. Andrew Welch – Music
12. Stacey Sperling – Shield

Graham McNamara Memorial Maiden A Draft
1. Luke Collman – Bogus Bid (Highest scoring ASH horse)
2. John McKenzie – Humphry
3. Kym Hoffman – Silky Sal (Highest scoring lady rider)
4. Shane Corbould – McConachie
5. Charles Wright – Peeping Around
6. Karl Burton – Tassa’s Little King (Highest scoring local rider)
Equal 7. Dean Warren – Spiderman
Equal 7. Brendan Spencer – Remembrance Day (Highest cut out score)

Graham McNamara Memorial Maiden B Draft
1. Karl Burton – Acres Dior (Highest scoring local rider)
2. John McNamara – Misfit
3. Louise Roche – Catastrophic (Highest scoring lady rider)
4. Rosyln Heyze – Chissy
5. Peter Simmonds – Henry
Equal 6. Letitia Fragale – Windergreen Lil Highborw
Equal 6. Dean Warren – Commissioner (Highest cut out score)
Equal 6. Sarah Gruber – Coldie (Highest scoring ASH horse)

Erica Derrick Memorial Draft – Round 1
1. Keith Biltoft – Donrica Lena (Highest cut out score)
2. Tess McNamara – Apollo
3. Louise Roche – Sherbet (Highest scoring lady rider)
4. John McNamara – Bikini
5. Wayne Darr – Buzz

Erica Derrick Memorial Novice Draft – Final
1. Tess McNamara – Apollo
2. Wayne Darr – Buzz
3. John McNamara – Misfit
4. John Moffatt – Cattle Girl
5. Craig Radke – Megs
6. John McNamara – Bikini
7. Craig Radke – Collect
8. Brett Fitzgerald – Millie

Jim Sparkes Memorial Open Draft – Round 1
1. Mark Buttsworth – Double Suzie (Highest scoring ASH horse)
2. Barry Little – Boots (Highest scoring local rider)
3. Karl Burton – Oaks Penny
Equal 4. Luke Collman – Isabel
Equal 4. Wayne Darr – Buzz (Highest cut out score)
Equal 4. Christine Campbell – Peter’s Cher Rome (Highest scoring lady rider)

Jim Sparkes Memorial Open Draft – Final
1. Karl Burton – Oaks Penny
2. Geoff Schrader – Lucky Lad
3. Geoff Schrader – Little Roman
4. Craig Radke – Contract
5. Louise Roche – Sherbet
6. Tony Ralph – Doogie

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