"Drag Queens" Janine Hockenhull, Debbie Dillon and Lynelle Cross get into the Piston Cup spirit

August 20, 2012

The 19th annual Kumbia Brain Drain trivia competition – this year dubbed “The Piston Cup” – was a huge success on Saturday night with more than 200 competitors taking part and between $4500 and $5000 raised for the Kumbia State School P&C.

Louise Johnston, from the P&C, said the funds would be put towards new technology at the school.

“It all went really well. We had a great night and lots of fun,” she said.

Competitors, many of them dressed in fancy dress to honour the “motor racing” theme, were split into teams as they competed for prizes.

The winning team was “Fluffy Dice Up The Front, Nodding Elvis Out The Back”, with “Coopers Anti-Climax Six” runners-up.

The Kumbia Memorial Hall was packed with 'racing' aficianados of many varieties for the annual Kumbia Brain Drain
Bernie and Katrina Barbeler
from "The Dipsticks"
Andrew Morrison, Sue Kratzmann and Rachel McNamara ... Reggie & The Jets Wacky Racers
Julie Chalmers and Mark Sierakowski ... the Reggie & The Jets Pit Crew
Andrew Saal, Matthew "Dick Dastardly" Armstrong and Greg "Muttley" Berends
Kerry Oldfield and Berneice Hilly enjoying the Piston Cup's fun and games
Scott Fitzpatrick, Carlee Stockdale and Andrew Lerch from the "Fully Sic Wiper Blades"
Kerri Hosking and Desley Phillips, from the 'Drag Queens'
Lis Buzzo (half of the P & T team) with Kumbia P&C 's 'Aerodynamic' Annette Newman
Romaine Undery with Stewart and Barb Deards ... "The Grease Monkeys"
Downer Position Vacant - click here
Downer Position Vacant - click here