August 10, 2012

The RACQ has warned motorists whose cars use LPG should fill up now before an expected price jump in the next few days.

RACQ spokesperson Niki Kormendy said LPG was currently averaging at 67.4 cents per litre but by early next week motorists could see the average LPG price up around the mid-70s.

“Motorists have been paying over-inflated prices for LPG since April and now they’re in for another hit,” Ms Kormendy said.

“If you’re keen to save dollars, fill up as soon as possible before prices rise.”

Ms Kormendy said the expected hike was due to a rise in the international benchmark price, which had already flowed through to the wholesale price.

“August is usually when we see LPG prices bottom out in Australia, as demand is flat at this time of year in Europe and northern America where it’s still summer,” she said.

“LPG prices in Brisbane used to retail at about 23cpl above the international benchmark price but are currently around 36cpl on average higher than the benchmark price.

‘Motorists should shop around for the best LPG prices to get in before the rise.”

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