Wondai Art Gallery curator Elaine Madill with judge Cherry Carroll

August 3, 2012

High school students from three South Burnett schools have taken over the walls at the Wondai Regional Art Gallery for August with the official opening this evening of the biennial South Burnett High School Students Art Competition.

Students, parents and teachers filled the gallery to hear the announcement of the winners.

The competition is sponsored by Stanwell Corporation, and this year attracted works from students at Kingaroy State High School, St Mary’s Catholic College and Murgon State High School.

Gallery curator Elaine Madill said she was impressed by the maturity of the works.

“I am so proud of you all. The quality of the works coming through to the gallery just amazed me,” she said.

“You have a very special talent that needs to be nurtured and that is what we’re here for.”

Competition judge was local artist Cherry Carroll, from Nimue Gallery in Kingaroy, who selected winners in “2D”, “3D” and “Interpretative Aboriginal Art” categories in both Junior (Year 8-10) and Senior (Year 11-12) sections.

“Can you imagine what Cherry felt like when she walked through the door? It took her two hours to judge the entries and she had some very, very hard decisions to make,” Elaine said.

Cherry agreed, saying it was one of the best exhibitions of student art that she had seen.

“And I’ve done a lot of judging,” she said.

She said it had been hard to judge works from across different media but it came down to “Do they know what they’re doing? Are they skillful? Have they got the colour right?”

Cherry said the winning 2D Senior entry, a pencil drawing “Wagon Wheel” by Jess Elford, was of a quality that someone even her own age would be proud of.

She presented a special Judge’s Prize of $50 to Mikaela Greenslade for her work “Foggy Morning”.

“It is only a small piece, and quite unique, but I couldn’t take my eyes off it,” she said.

Stanwell representative, Tarong Power Station Site Manager Dennis Franklin, said the company was pleased to be able to support events like this to make the South Burnett even better than it already is.

Tarong Power Station Site Manager Dennis Franklin with Asset Manager (Mine) Jim Young
Jodie and Rob Woodall (Stanwell Maintenance Manager)
Daniel Weldon, who came 2nd in the 2D and 3D Junior categories, with sister Rachel and mum Jo
St Mary's music teacher Michael Scanlan provided the musical accompaniment for the evening
Gaye and Andrew Hobbs, Wondai, with South Burnett Mayor Wayne Kratzmann
3D Senior Art winner Natasha Connie Fish and 3D Junior Art winner Jack Christoffel

Interpretation Of Indigenous Art

1: Jadine Duncan – “Koala” (MSHS)
2: Racquel Toomey – “Kangaroo” (MSHS)
3: Jada Duncan – “Koala” (MSHS)

Highly Commended
Kaiowa McHanley (MSHS)
Sabastion Fisher (MSHS)
Jessica Jones (MSHS)
Emily Farrer (MSHS)

1. Kynika Albury – “Black Snake” (MSHS)
2. Starla Davidson – “Indigenous Art” (MSHS)

3D Art

1. Jack Christoffel (KSHS) – “Frog On A Branch”
2. Daniel Weldon (KSHS) – “Dental Drs Asker”
3. Tom Cowburn (MSHS) – “Star”

Highly Commended
Katie Hehlin (KSHS) – “A Polar Bear’s Beanie”
Rosalie Dean (MSHS) – “Nature Of Humanity”
Chelsea Humphreys (KSHS) – “Leta Heel”
Richelle Bethke (St Mary’s) – “Angel”
Natalie Anderson (MSHS) – “New Life”
Abishek Kumae (MSHS) – “Surreal Existence”
Jaymie Dugdale (KSHS) – “Lollipop”

1. Natasha Connie Fish (MSHS) – “The Night Butterfly”
2. Ricky Purcell (MSHS) – “Warrior”
3. Rebecca Dean (MSHS) – “Hebel Black Sculpture”

Highly Commended
Ta-Kani Warner (MSHS) – “Memories”
Starla Davidson (MSHS) – “Tribal Force”
Shae Williams (MSHS) – “Capturing Reality”
Jessica Pearce (MSHS) – “Vines Of Creation”

2D Art

1. Katie Hehlin (KSHS) – “Let Me Be”
2. Daniel Weldon (KSHS) – “Self Portrait”
Equal 3. Maddison Wall (KSHS) – “LMFAO”
Equal 3. Jackson Lucas (St Mary’s) – “Believe In My Dog”

Highly Commended
Kirsty Upton (MSHS) – “Self Portrait”
Lana Magnussen (MSHS) – “Stylised Toadstool”
Maddison Wall (KSHS) – “The Sitter”
Amie Mason (KSHS) – “Hayley”
Taylor Crossley (KSHS) – “Portrait Of Sarah”

1. Jess Elford (KSHS) – “Wagon Wheel”
2. Cassandra Sutton (KSHS) – “Stability”
3. Mikaela Greenslade (KSHS) – “Foggy Morning”

Highly Commended
Emma Goodhew (KSHS) – “Me”
Samantha Lange (KSHS) – “Phnom Penh”
Mikaela Greenslade (KSHS) – “Rear View”
Louise Eden (KSHS) – “Life Experiences”
Mikaela Greenslade (KSHS) – “Pieces Of Me”
Sinead Horne (KSHS) – “Bouquet”
Bethany Kelly (KSHS) – “Lighters”
Casey Milson (KSHS) – “The Way I Feel”


Mikaela Greenslade (KSHS) – “Foggy Morning”

Cherry Carroll presents her Judge's Prize to Mikaela Greenslade for 'Foggy Morning'