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Robyn Helps Parents Believe They Can Achieve

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When Robyn Green isn’t selling her Gospel Albums around the world, she works with Maylene McAleer to help struggling families to live a happier life

Understanding Why
Robyn Sings Gospel

Illness took Robyn Green’s sight and use of her legs when she was 11 years old.

She was taken to hospital and doctors told her parents, Peter and Eva Morgan, that their daughter’s future did not look good.

With nothing to lose they began to pray to the Lord for their little girl.

Robyn told God that if he restored her to health she would sing for him.

That night she felt somebody take her hand and says she knew it was Jesus.

Three days later she could see. Two days after that she could walk.

Robyn has been “singing for the Lord” ever since and says she has witnessed other miracles over the years.

She began her career in 1986 when her first record, “Here’s The Answer” went triple platinum. Six more have followed.

Robyn is also a registered Pastor with the Assemblies of God and began her work with the Murgon-based Wellbeing Centre after she moved from Darwin.

She now lives at Tingoora with her husband Anthony Beezley.

June 28, 2012

By Marcus Priaulx

When Robyn Green rocks up to see the struggling South Burnett families she’s been assigned to help, many recognise her.

This is because her gospel albums have been sold worldwide and she has sung in the Sydney Opera House.

An amazing 1.4 million people saw her perform when she sang on the BBC’s “Songs of Praise” TV show during the Sydney Olympics.

Now Robyn works with Maylene McAleer at the Indigenous Wellbeing Centre in Murgon to help struggling South Burnett families better themselves and live as a happy unit.

“At the end of the day it’s all about how we can help parents look after their children in a safe and happy environment,” Robyn said.

Nearly all of Robyn and Maylene’s clients make the necessary turnaround.

The women have positive conversations and set the families achievable goals.

By doing a number of small things, struggling parents often make a huge positive difference to their lives.

“If we keep pointing to their problems they become insurmountable,” Robyn said.

“But if you lift people up and give them a guiding hand you give them a chance to better themselves. They start to think somebody believes in them and look at trying to improve their health and well-being.”

Maylene said it was important for Indigenous people to recognise what their Elders went through and take hold of the opportunities now available to Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders.

“If you talk to the Elders they always mention the Stolen Generation,” she said.

“It runs deep within them. Nowadays we have a choice to better ourselves.

“Our aim is to help people do that; keep them together as a family living happily together.

“The aim is to achieve positive outcomes.”

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2 Responses to Robyn Helps Parents Believe They Can Achieve

  1. Odette

    I would love to contact someone regarding ordering some Robyn Green CDs. The links only allow downloads and her website contact section is not working. Can someone help with any info please?

  2. News Desk

    Hi Odette. We suggest you contact Marcus Priaulx at the Barambah PaCE program on (07) 4168-2330. He may have further information that can help