By Martin Stern
Football South Burnett

Barambah United have won the 2nd Division President’s Cup after an epic battle against Nanango on Saturday afternoon.

The game was evenly poised but in the 20th minute, the in-form Brendan Kelly struck for Barambah.

Barambah took the 1-0 lead to halftime. Shortly after the break, Matthew Strack equalised for Nanango in the 48th minute.

Already being a player short, Geoff Street exited the game through injury; Nanango took advantage when Matthew Strack got his second goal in the 66th minute giving Nanango the lead.

Straight from the kick-off Barambah took Nanango by surprise when Kevin Barnes equalised to put the Bears back in the game.

At the end of regulation time the scores were locked up and extra time was played.

Nanango looked like they had clinched it but their goal was deemed offside.

With no further goals the match went to a penalty shoot out with Barambah winning 4-3 on penalties.

Barambah keeper Brad Vanderkolk saved David Ashby’s penalty to give Barambah a win.

A great victory for Barambah who have been struggling with numbers and injuries this season.

Elle Mollenhauer goals for Barambah in the women’s soccer match at Nanango

In the Women’s match, Nanango edged out Barambah 2-1. Cassie Kelly and Jacqui Downie scored for the Panthers while Elle Mollenhauer remained the top scorer in the league netting for Barambah.

In First Division, the match started but was eventually forfeited by Barambah who had to double up and did not have the numbers to have a fair game against Nanango. Light would have been an issue after an extended Second Division match.

It was great sportsmanship by Nanango to allow them to do this.

The Panthers dominated the 1st Division game against Barambah at Nanango until the Murgon side forfeited the match

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