Blackbutt's camels are hosting a field day next month

June 5, 2012

Queensland’s first-ever Camel Field Day will be held at Blackbutt next month.

There will be camel milking and handling demonstrations as well as information for graziers on why grazing camels can help control woody weeds and increase cattle weight.

Tourism experts will discuss the benefits of camel tourism and the University of Queensland will share the latest camel research.

There’ll also be camel milk cosmetics, camel rides, even camel burgers!

The field day will be held at “Bindanoon”, 341 Bowman Road, Blackbutt, on July 14,

It will be co-hosted by Camel Milk Australia, the Australian Camel Industry Association, Meramist Pty Ltd, the University of Queensland, Southern Cross Camels and the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

Cost is $10 per person, which includes morning tea and a Camel Milk Australia soap. Breakfast and a barbecue lunch will be available at cost.

A spokesman for Camel Milk Australia said there were a million wild camels in Australia but up to 10,000 were also grazed as stock in Queensland.

Queensland also has one of only two camel export abattoirs in Australia: Meramist Pty Ltd at Caboolture. Camel meat is exported to markets in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe.

For more information on the Field Day contact the Australian Camel Industry Association on 0438-777-948 or Camel Milk Australia on (07) 4170-0750.

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