Wests went on a goal-scoring rampage against Gunners in 2nd Division in Kingaroy
Wests hammered the Gunners' goalmouth in 2nd Div

May 27, 2012

By Martin Stern
Football South Burnett

The local derby between Wests and Gunners was predicted to be a close battle and that is exactly what eventuated on Saturday.

The match started at a cracking pace and did not let up until full time.

Wests dominated the opening 15 minutes and had several chances to go ahead, but it was Gunners that struck first when Ryan Mooney latched onto a loose ball that the Wests defence failed to clear.

Gunners took the 1-0 lead to halftime.

The second half started off with Wests enjoying the majority of possession and Gunners launching regular counter attacks.

Midway through the second half Anuwat (Ike) Silalat produce some magic by going round and beating several Wests defenders to score Gunners second.

However Wests never gave in and they were rewarded five minutes later when Rex Parsons scored.

Although Wests had the majority of the possession they did not take their opportunities and it was Gunners that prevailed and ran out winners 2-1.

Best on the park was Reise Braund, who held the Gunners’ defence together, and Ryan Mooney who caused Wests all sorts of heartache with his counter attacks. Best for Wests was Joel Cooper and Aidan Maher.

In the other games at Kingaroy, Wests and Gunnettes Women battled to a 0-0 draw and in Seconds, West were too good for Gunners winning 5-0 with some great play from the father and son pairing of Shane and Sam Gray. Mauro Buzzo also had a great game for Wests.

In Nanango the Panthers juggernaut rolled on with a 9-0 thumping of Barambah.

Kieran and Justin Mangan scored hat-tricks entrenching them as top scorers in the league and their team at the top of the ladder.

In women’s, Nanango showed that they are still a force to be reckoned with beating Barambah 2-0.

In second division Nanango lost their first second division game 1-0 to Barambah.

Full results of Round 6 of the Evolution Solar Football League played in Kingaroy and Nanango on Saturday:

In Kingaroy:
1st Div – Gunners 2 (Anuwat Silalat 1, Ryan Mooney 1),  Wests 1 (Rex Parsons 1)
2nd Div – Gunners 0 Wests 5 (Sam Grey 2, Alex Dempster 2, Jack Flemming 1)
Women’s – Gunners 0, Wests 0

In Nanango:
1st Div – Nanango 9 (Kieran Mangan 3, Justin Mangan 3, Matt Halliday 1, Nathan Ballinger 1, Nick Krauksts 1), Barambah 0
2nd Div – Barambah 1 (Joel Sommerfeld 1), Nanango 0
Women’s – Nanango 2 (Lauren Hume 1, Jacquie Downie 1), Barambah 0

Next week’s games:
In Nanango – Nanango v Gunners in all three grades
In Kingaroy – Wests v Barambah in all three grades

It was a close battle between Gunners and Wests in 1st Division, with Gunners prevailing 2-1

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