May 9, 2012

Soccer mums and dads have been working hard this week to repair damage to the Kingaroy Junior Soccer fields caused by car hoons on Friday night.

The damage – which included deep wheel tracks cut into the turf – was discovered on Saturday morning after officials returned from the round of junior games played at Wondai.

Sadly, it seems this sort of damage is not an uncommon occurrence in Kingaroy.

There have been reports of similar damage occurring at the Taabinga Oval and the Golf Club.

The Kingaroy Red Ants Rugby League Club recently installed fencing on the TJ O’Neill ground because of similar problems and the Kingaroy Senior Soccer Club has applied for a grant to fence the senior playing precinct.

Fortunately, play is not scheduled at the Kingaroy Junior Soccer Fields for five weeks so there is some time for the ground to recover, however as the weather is cooling, officials fear the grass will not grow back quickly.

Some of the damage caused on Friday night to the Kingaroy Junior Soccer Fields

If the idiots who did the damage are on Facebook, they should take note of the some of the comments that local residents have posted: “Idiots is too kind!” “Scum!!!” “Mongrels!!” “Just a disgrace!”

[Photo: Tracey Tunstall]

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