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Britten Wins Queensland Title

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Trevor Perry, pictured with Dylan Beljohn, travelled all the way from Victoria to compete in the Qld Dirt Modifieds title. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful ...

April 15, 2012

Less than a week after winning his first State title – the NSW V8 Dirt Modifieds in Lismore – Queensland speedway driver Kevin Britten has won the 2012 Queensland Title for Dirt Modifieds in Kingaroy.

Britten beat Andrew Pezzutti and Paul Booker in the 30-lap final on Saturday night.

Only eight cars made it home to the chequered flag.

The next event on the Kingaroy Speedway calender is the season finale at the Kingaroy Show on Sunday, May 6.

Other results:

Street Sedans
1. Josh Arthur
2. Richie Woodrow
3. Aaron Alcock

Super Streets
1. Jessica Raymont
2. Mitchell Slade
3. Neil Keldoulis

4-Cylinder Sedans
1. Hamish Redman
2. Tim Weir
3. Peter Kluytenberg

VIDEO: A post-race interview with Kevin Britten (video by Ash Media Australia)


V8 Dirt Modifieds – Heat 1
V8 Dirt Modifieds – Heat 2
V8 Dirt Modifieds – Heat 3
V8 Dirt Modifieds – Heat 4
V8 Dirt Modifieds – Heat 5
V8 Dirt Modifieds – Heat 6
V8 Dirt Modifieds – Heat 7
V8 Dirt Modifieds – Heat 8
V8 Dirt Modifieds – Heat 9
V8 Dirt Modifieds – A Main
4 Cylinder Sedans – Heat 1
4 Cylinder Sedans – Heat 2
4 Cylinder Sedans – Heat 3
4 Cylinder Sedans – A Main
Super Street Sedans – Heat 1
Super Street Sedans – Heat 2
Super Street Sedans – Heat 3
Super Street Sedans – A Main

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