Kayla Bunn and Unforgiven
Kayla Bunn with "Unforgiven" who put in his last performance at Maidenwell last night

April 9, 2012

Rodeo bull “Unforgiven” had an unforgettable last night in the spotlight at the Maidenwell Wombat Weekend Bull Ride on Easter Sunday evening.

The 12-year-old bull, which has been taking part in rodeos for the past 10 years, provided the winning ride for Open victor Fraser Babbington.

Unforgiven was bred by the Bunn family of Maidenwell. His two sons, “Little Dip” and “Heather’s Little Spinner”, also performed at Maidenwell last night and look set to follow in their father’s hoofprints.

A crowd of about 500 turned out at the ring behind the Maidenwell Hotel to watch 40 cowboys test their strength and skills at the 2012 Bull Ride.

Riders came from all over southern Queensland for the event, including several who had been competing on the Gold Coast earlier in the day.

PS. Fans worried that Unforgiven may now become hamburger mince can rest assured that he’s earned his retirement on the Bunn family’s stud.

Open Bull Ride
1. Fraser Babbington
2. Cameron Dixon
Novice Bull Ride
1. Joshua Lock
2. Matthew Young
3. Harry Bridges
4. Jayden Sims

Junior Bull Ride
1. PJ Bradford
2. Sam Champ

Poddy Ride
1. Taine Laherty
2. River Cook
3. Ben Robinson

“Unforgiven” at the 2010 Maidenwell Bull Ride putting on another
tough performance … this time for rider Andrew Achilles

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