Bridget Eschbank, Leah Brownlee and Steffanie Humphries, from Little Italy Kingaroy, with South Burnett Sustainable Network members Suzanne Mungall, Michelle Price and Helen Schaffer and the free, reusable coffee cups

July 3, 2024

Have you heard of Plastic Free July? It’s a global movement to tackle plastic pollution by raising awareness about single-use plastics.

The South Burnett Sustainable Future Network has decided this July to “act local” and take this global movement into local coffee shops.

Spokesperson Suzanne Mungall said the group had been donated 100 reusable coffee cups, which they have passed on to two Kingaroy cafés: Little Italy in Kingaroy Street, and My Wellness Bar in King Street.

“We decided to focus on coffee cups because of the waste,” Suzanne said.

Patrons at either of the two cafés can ask to use one of the free cups when they order their brews.

“They can then take it home with them, and bring it back the next time,” Suzanne said.

According to the network, Australians throw away 1.8 billion single-use coffee cups every year.

And every hour, 200,000 become landfill.

Suzanne said the network was urging people to commit to only using reusable coffee mugs.

“Take your clean mug to your favourite coffee shop today!” she said.


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