The Final Corridor Selection Report for the proposed Borumba Dam to Halys sub-station transmission line (Map: Powerlink)

October 10, 2023

Powerlink has released the final Corridor Selection Report (CSR) for the southern section of the transmission line route for the proposed Borumba Dam Pumped Hydro project.

The CSR covers the route from Borumba Dam to the Halys sub-station, passing north of Teelah and adjacent to the Tarong State Forest.

The final 1km-wide corridor will now be narrowed to a 70m-wide easement.

Powerlink said feedback received during the Draft CSR consultation period had resulted in minor realignments which had resulted in an extra 1km of length but improved “co-existence” with existing land uses.

According to Powerlink, the Final CSR maintains the ability to: 

  • Reduce the impact on the number of landholders, particularly smaller land parcels
  • Avoid National Parks
  • Avoid critical infrastructure, community facilities and townships
  • Minimise impacts on agriculture, intensive land use and strategic cropping land
  • Optimise the use of State-owned land
  • Identify potential to co-locate with existing transmission lines
  • Minimise the overall land required to support new transmission infrastructure
  • Enhance opportunities for co-existence.

The final CSR report can be downloaded from the Powerlink website (26Mb PDF)

* * *

While the final CSR has been released for the southern route, consultations are still open on the northern section, from Borumba Dam to the Woolooga sub-station.

Powerlink said it had received “significant feedback” after the release of the Draft CSR.

“Through feedback and further analysis, we became aware of an area of high residential density near the Black Snake area. In response, we have identified the need to deviate the recommended corridor in this area,” Powerlink stated.

“The 10km-long deviation is in the Black Snake area south of the Wide Bay Highway. The deviation heads in a south-westerly direction from Oakview before re-joining the recommended corridor in the Black Snake area.”

This deviation had lower residential density.

“Further consultation will now take place on the corridor deviation with feedback invited by 5:00pm on Friday, October 27, 2023,” Powerlink stated.

“The final CSR will be released on Thursday, November 30, 2023. This will enable Powerlink to engage with landholders within the deviation and seek their input.

“Once the final corridor is released, more work will be needed to narrow the 1km-wide final corridor down to a 70m-wide easement alignment.”

Feedback on the northern route can be provided by contacting the project team on (07) 3898-4988 or by email

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