Karen Shaw, from Taromeo, has 15 paintings in the “Art Of Karens” exhibition at Wondai Gallery

February 8, 2021

There was too much art for just one gallery in the South Burnett on Friday night, with both Council-owned galleries holding the official openings of their February exhibitions.

In Kingaroy, the Kingaroy Arts Team’s Summer Show – which features works by KAT members – was launched by South Burnett Mayor Brett Otto at the Kingaroy Art Gallery.

Works included paintings, ceramics, prints and photographs.

Mayor Otto made special mention of KAT member and photographer Max Walters, who hung the many works on display.

The Mayor and arts portfolio holder Cr Danita Potter then jumped in a car to head up the highway to Wondai Gallery for the official launch of that gallery’s two February exhibitions.

In Galleries 1 and 3, Kingaroy’s Rosemarie Matthews-Frederick and three of her students have a colourful display of paper tole craft.

Then there’s the three Karens … in Gallery 2, artworks by Karren Bolton (ex-Nanango, now NSW), Karen Shaw (Taromeo) and Karen Murray (NSW) are spread across the walls.

This exhibition was officially launched by recently appointed South Burnett Tourism Officer Taylor Christies.

The Kingaroy exhibition is on display from 10:00am to 4:00pm daily until February 26.

The Wondai exhibition will also remain on show from 10:00am to 4:00pm daily until the end of the month.

Admission to both galleries is free.

Footnote: “Karen” has become a COVID-pejorative, but the pandemic nearly did affect the fate of the Wondai exhibition. In NSW, Karren Bolton drove south to collect the works from Karen Murray and then, adding them to her own pieces, headed to the Queensland / NSW border. Near Wallangarra, they were passed over to Karen Shaw under the careful watch of the police …  

Cr Kirstie Schumacher and Cr Danita Potter at the Kingaroy Art Gallery opening
Cr Potter, Mayor Brett Otto and Cr Kathy Duff with the People’s Choice winner at Wondai, “Pretty In Pink” by Karen Murray
Mayor Otto with Kingaroy Arts Team’s Max Walters and president Fran van Vegchel with some of Max’s photos in the Kingaroy exhibition
Rosemarie Matthews-Frederick with her favourite piece of paper tole at Wondai Gallery which depicts an Italian village street scene 
Enjoying the KAT artworks at Kingaroy Gallery were Hannah Leu, Sonya Pearson and Rosie Schmidt

Karen Chambers and Pal McAllister, from Wondai, were making sure the hot food was handed out in a COVID-free way at Wondai

Bronwyn Langford Martoo, Kingaroy, and Bridget Barkle, Wooroolin, with Olivia Chapman, 1 … Bronwyn and Bridget will have works at Wondai Gallery in March
Tingoora State School principal Julie Matherson, right, and business manager Robyn Broomhall with works by Tingoora pupils in Kidz Korner at Wondai … the students explored an “Arctic Adventure”
Wondai Gallery curator Elaine Madill with Taylor Christies who officially opened the exhibition
Karen Shaw, Gwen Olm, gallery patron Ros Heit and Liz Nicholson at the Wondai opening
Rosemarie Matthews-Frederick, second from left, with three of her paper tole artists … Heather Brainwood, Wondai; Val Bowman, Kingaroy; and Maureen Allott, Booie; at Wondai Gallery


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