Bridget O’Shannessy … capturing the magical feeling of Christmas night on her latest single (Photo: Supplied)

December 7, 2020

Singer/songwriter Bridget O’Shannessy can’t really be claimed by the South Burnett – she lives in Brisbane – but she may as well be a local, as she spends so much time here!

Bridget, who has just turned 21, is the niece of South Burnett councillor Kathy Duff and stays as often as she can at the Duff family’s ‘Di Di’ property near Boondooma.

Over the years, Bridget has become a familiar face (and voice) at South Burnett shows and events, singing the National Anthem, country music and even a gospel song or two.

In fact, she made her musical debut at Boondooma Homestead, singing when she was eight or nine.

“I came back the following year, and my singing career snowballed for there,” she said.

“I started entering singing competitions and performing as far away as NSW.”

Back in October, Bridget and her younger sister Maggie were sitting at ‘Di Di’, talking about the year that had been and thinking about Christmas.

Bridget was surprised at the number of Christmas songs she was already starting to hear and realised how people were really needing something to look forward to.

So the idea recording a Christmas song of her own was hatched.

The sisters starting working on the lyrics of “Christmas Night” while sitting on the living room floor.

Bridget said her family always made a big deal out of Christmas, especially the Christmas lights.

“Mum and Dad would take us in the car to look at all the lights. I’d be nodding off but desperately trying not to miss anything,” she said.

It is this excitement about Christmas, the wonderful feeling as the decorations start to pop up in the shops, that Bridget and Maggie tried to capture.

The pair listed their favourite Christmas traditions and tried to work them all into the song to celebrate the magical feeling of “Christmas Night”.

It’s the first time the sisters have worked together on a project, but it’s not the first time Bridget has recorded one of her own songs.

However, it is the first time she has released a single without management … ie. she has handled everything herself, even to organising the producer and studio.

“It has been a fantastic, fun journey,” she said.

The song was recorded by producer Jared Adlam on the Gold Coast.

Bridget officially launched the song on Friday night in an event livestreamed on her Facebook page.

“It has been so exciting,” she said.

  • “Christmas Night” can be listened to on Spotify or other major streaming platforms

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