Cherbourg Aboriginal Council CEO Chatur Zala … aiming to recruit locally

June 26, 2020

Cherbourg Council CEO Chatur Zala is looking for a special person to fill an important vacancy … and he really would like that special person to be already living in the South Burnett.

The full-time position is for a Human Resources Adviser.

Cherbourg Council has been advertising the position for some time but all the applications so far have been coming in from places as far away as Tasmania.

“I am really trying to get someone from the South Burnett community,” Zala told

“If they are from the local community – Kingaroy, Murgon, Wondai, in fact anywhere in the South Burnett – they are more likely to stay longer and not just see the role as a stepping stone in their careers.”

Zala said he was looking for someone who was “keen”.

“It is a very critical role for Council,” he said.

The position covers all the usual HR-related functions including recruitment and industrial relations as well as payroll procedures.

The successful applicant will report directly to the CEO.

  • More information is available on the Cherbourg Council website

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