Paul Antonio
Toowoomba Mayor Paul Antonio

March 26, 2020

Toowoomba Regional Council has moved its Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) to “Stand Up” status, the same level as the South Burnett, Cherbourg and Gympie LDMGs.

LDMG chairman Paul Antonio said the group had previously been on “Alert” due to COVID-19 but felt it was necessary for the change in status.

“The situation has changed dramatically over the past few days and it’s important we respond accordingly,” he said.

“There is no doubt we’re facing a global health and economic crisis that we’ve never seen before.

“While this is uncharted waters for us here in the Toowoomba Region, and worldwide, I want to assure you that we’re focussed on looking after the people of this community in this time of need.

“Now is a time for everyone to come together to support each other.

“It’s also crucial all of our emergency services and all government levels unite in times like this.”

In addition to the LDMG moving to Stand Up status, the Local Disaster Coordination Centre (LDCC) is at “Lean Forward” and Council has implemented a dedicated Incident Management Team.

“The LDMG is a multi-agency group that provides strategic direction and communication during times of disaster for incidents affecting the region,” Mayor Antonio said.

“It is then the role of the LDCC to work with stakeholders to undertake the operational aspects which have been outlined by the LDMG.

“Due to the type of virus we are facing, the LDMG will work remotely via telecommunication channels.

“At this point in time the number one priority for us is to provide appropriate responses to threats and risks to secure community safety and well-being.

“I would also like to reiterate how important it is for everyone to continue following the Federal and Queensland Government for updates and advice surrounding the coronavirus.

“We’ve had floods and fires and managed to come through these events so I have no doubt we can again get through this together as a united region.”

NB. There are four LDMG levels: “Alert”, “Leaning Forward”, “Stand Up” and “Stand Down”

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