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Algae Risk Eases At Dam

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February 18, 2020

Sunwater says the blue-green algae hazard level at Bjelke-Petersen Dam has decreased from high to moderate.

While moderate levels of blue-green algae are less likely to cause skin irritations or other health problems, some risks may still be present.

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February 3, 2020

Sunwater has issued an Early Warning Alert for blue-green algae at Bjelke-Petersen Dam.

According to Sunwater, the algae level at the dam is currently high.

Direct contact with blue-green algae in the water or consumption of untreated water may increase the risk of skin irritations and other health problems.

Blue-green algae can cause irritation to any part of the body that is directly exposed to it.

This irritation is usually in the form of a skin rash, eye irritation, or earache. The more blue-green algae that is present in the water, the greater the chance that some irritation will occur if you swim in the water.

If the blue-green algae indicator indicates a HIGH level, there is a high chance that the average person will suffer some form of irritation.

Moderate levels are less likely to cause a problem than high levels, however a risk is still present.

Low levels are unlikely to cause any health problems, however some people are more sensitive than others.

[UPDATED: Originally published as “Algae Alert At Dam”]

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